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    December 21st, 2010quarrygirlhard times pizza co, LA restaurants

    we posted a quick bite about hard times on the site last week, and after trying it out for myself, i am officially in love with their pizza.

    vegan slice. $2.50

    as far as i know, hard times in silverlake is the only place in los angeles to get authentic-tasting vegan NY style pizza, either whole or by the slice. and i’m talking huge foldable slices, partially baked and then finished off right in front of you, for just $2.50 a pop. i checked it out hard times yesterday for lunch with a friend, and we were both blown away by its awesomeness…

    when hard times first started carrying vegan pizza a couple weeks ago, the staff wasn’t up to date on the brand of soy cheese they were using. it turns out they use follow your heart, the staff know that now, and there are signs prominently displayed inside and outside the restaurant. to be honest, follow your heart is normally one of my least favorite vegan cheeses, but it works PERFECTLY at hard times. they get it so soft and melted evenly all over the pie, it’s every bit as good as daiya and teese. wow, maybe i have been using fyh wrong all these years.

    hard times has lots of various vegetable toppings, and you can order a whole vegan pie any way you want it. however, if you want vegan pizza by the slice, you are limited to just cheese. we each got a slice for $2.50, as well as bottle of blue moon (yep, hard times has BEER as well!). the pizza was, well, perfect. it really took me back to my pre-vegan days of eating huge slices of “normal” pizza. the crust was extra thin and bendy, not crispy, with a light sprinkling of flour. the sauce was tangy and slightly sweet, and the cheese was soft and warm without any sort of weird “vegan” texture. i fucking loved it to bits.

    i can’t wait to go back to hard times for more pizza. it’s honestly the perfect place for a quick lunch…grab a vegan slice (or 3) and a beer and eat at one of the many tables inside the restaurant. next time i am gonna get a pizza to-go though, i’ve heard their whole pies are massive and delicious.

    hard times pizza
    2664 Griffith Park Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (323) 661-5656

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  • Jesus, that looks incredible. You have no idea how much I want that!

  • Oh my god I’m so glad you like pizza with Follow Your Heart cheese on it 🙂 but they are cooking it better than anyone before. And Hard Times, it’s just fun to go there. I’ve been three times in the past week. See you there sometime soon hopefully.

  • i do love it! it’s amazing what they do with the FYH.

    i knew when it got your approval, it must be good, because you are the NY-style pizza expert.

    let’s go week after next!!

  • QG – I don’t use FYH Cheese that much since the others came around – but it’s still pretty good. Have you ever had the Pizza Night Special at Follow Your Heart on Friday night? It’s an amazing giant piece of deep dish pizza, with a cornmeal crust that’s crispy on the egdges and soft in the middle. The cheese gets totally melted like in the pics you just posted.

  • Um, wow. That looks entirely authentic. Once this damn rain stops and I will no longer be in danger of melting, I will defnitely be making my way over there. AND BEER? Perfect. They don’t by any chance have vegan garlic knots? Because that would make my life.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I must try a slice of this as soon as possible 😀

  • I always liked fyh better think it has a better flavor- if you add olive oil it helps it melt- also put it under the broiler or in a HOT oven and it melts like real cheeze. i think it tastes the most authentic esp on pizza- non vegan friends will eat fyh but not daiya

  • i hope they named their place after the cro mags.

  • I was JUST thinking the same thing, SoS. That would be the ultimate in awesomeness.

  • i had this and couldn’t/ can’t? believe it wasn’t real cheese. still a little skeptical…it did things that i’ve never seen FYH cheese do.

  • we used to live in a small town in upstate ny- we convinced a pizza shop to carry fyh and it melted like a charm for them-just like it looks in this picture- has to do w. the pizza oven I think (the temp and stone0

  • uuugh that looks so disgusting. omg, ewww. add some american cheese, bacon, and beef to that mug and it’d be delicious

  • I unfortunately live in the Cheese State and don’t have many options to get vegan cheese let alone vegan pizza. You’re making me so jealous!

  • oh my lord.
    so i finally went there tonight, since these appealing, normal looking pictures had been lurking in the back of my head for a few weeks.
    WOW, it was so close to normal that i doubted its veganocity. the worker mistakenly put a normal cheese next to the vegan one, we asked which was the vegan, and i slightly doubted her certainty. that’s an amazing sign!!!!! hahaha

    plus, i had ordered a whole pie from cruzer’s several months back, and i was absolutely repulsed by it. i couldn’t even finish half a slice. so this was a beautiful experience.

  • I just noticed this comment. Brilliant. When I checked in here, one of my friends commented, “We Gotta Dough.”

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