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    vegans, mark your calendars because vegan pizza day is less than a month away!

    mark your calendars! vegan pizza day 1/29!

    what is vegan pizza day, you ask? it’s a national celebration sponsored by chicago soydairy and quarrygirl.com of the greatest food on the planet: vegan pizza. we are trying to get vegan pizza parties going down all over the country on saturday, january 29th…so get involved. we’ve already got a list going of places to get vegan pizza…it’s easy to update, so get in there and fill out any missing information for your area. also, help us spread the word for the chance to win THREE POUNDS of teese from chicago soydairy. here’s what you gotta do…

    from the vegan pizza day website:

    If you have a website or a blog all we ask is that you link to us at veganpizzaday.com. Or write something about us and include a link. That’s it! Very simple and it helps to spread the word.

    basically, just blog about vegan pizza day, and you can win. three pounds of teese is A LOT…just think of the epic pizza party you could throw with that.

    keep checking the vegan pizza day website, follow them on twitter, and friend them on facebook for updates.

    i will post more los angeles vegan pizza day info as it becomes available. hopefully there will be some great pizza parties around town and special vegan discounts for you to take advantage of.


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