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    December 9th, 2010brittanyclean street food, LA restaurants

    there was a new food truck on the block during lunch today – which is a big deal to me because my options for food, especially within walking distance, are limited and starting to get a little old. so i strolled by the clean street food truck because i heard they had a vegan sandwich. and GUESS WHAT, they do!

    i don’t know if the sandwich is on the regular menu, because it was posted on the side of the truck on a piece of paper.

    vegan basquese chick pea salad sandwich with shredded red cabbage and herb lemonette. $6.25

    the vegan sandwich consists of vegan-salsa basquez (garbonzo beans, cucumbers, tomatos, secret sauce) with red cabbage salad on a bun. it was very pretty and fresh tasting, and the garbonzo bean salad on it’s own was pretty delicious, however the sandwich as a whole needed a little something more… i also started feeling hungry again about an hour later. i think this has the potential to be a great, healthy food truck sandwich, though, and props to clean street for offering a vegan option. it just needs something… perhaps some marinated tofu?

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  • See, this is why I love reading Quarrygir’s posts. If something is missing or bad with the food, she let’s everyone know without holding back.

    Keep it up QuarryGirl, we vegans you!!

  • @Oscar thank you!!! brittany actually wrote this post, but i always try to be honest as well. 🙂

  • Dear Quarrygirl,

    Clean Street Food appreciates your opinion! We are so happy that you found our truck on it’s very first service EVER!

    To answer your question about the menu; the vegan entree was added after the wrap was done on the truck. It is a permanent part of our menu and will ALWAYS be available. Yesterday being our first day out, we had to go with it and print it out as you saw it. That will probably have to do for awhile as rewrapping the menu is costly and today is our second day out;)

    Your opinion about the sandwich is so valuable. Thank you! Since you have a finger on the pulse of this pallete I will take your feedback and discuss it with my husband, the chef and we will brainstorm about what we can do to “punch it up” and fill you up too!

    Thank you for your kind words and recommendations. We appreciate your business.

    Sara Larkins and Chef Jack Harding
    Clean Stree Food

  • did you get a side of chick pea salad with your chick pea salad sandwich? ha!

  • hi sara, thanks for commenting! our field reporter brittany actually wrote this post. she is usually does our food truck updates. 🙂

    thanks for listening to the feedback. i can’t wait to try your truck. oh, and thanks for having a vegan option!

  • I think it looks great, i’d definitely try it!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks good, I would give it a try as well 🙂

  • Sriracha is required methinks.. Get those endorphins going..

  • that’s exactly what i did!

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