• spork online: the perfect gift for anyone (including yourself)!

    December 8th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, recipes, spork foods

    this holiday season, i can’t think of a better gift to give anybody than a membership to spork online. the website was launched last month by the sisters at spork foods and features an array of vegan resources including HD video cooking classes, downloadable recipes, a section to get your questions answered, and more.

    let me back this up a bit. the spork sisters, jenny and heather, and their popular los angeles cooking classes have been on my radar for quite a while; both vegans and omnivores alike have raved about them, saying they are all kinds of fun and super informative. i even got a chance to try the spork sisters’ fantastic food at the launch party for their new space, and was instantly smitten.

    i’ve always wanted to take one of their classes, but the thing is, i’m super shy. i’m also not very good at cooking, so hanging out in a room with lots of other humans who are better in the kitchen than i am seemed liked it could be intimidating. imagine how excited i was when i heard that jenny and heather were launching spork online. a place where i can browse videos of different classes, watch how to make individual recipes, and ask the sisters questions if i run into trouble…all in the privacy of my own home?! YES, PLEASE!

    here’s what a membership will getcha:

    • A new four course cooking class each month filmed in HD and focused on a specific theme!

    • Exclusive seasonal and holiday bonus classes and recipes EVERY month!

    • Access to archived episodes.

    • Food 911! Your cooking questions answered by Jenny & Heather in either a video short or personal email.

    • Special events and gifts, including live cooking classes with video chat and product giveaways.

    • Extended out of kitchen adventure videos.

    • Personal member profile and comment sections.

    a spork online membership comes with a lot of perks, and is a bargain as far as i’m concerned. you can sign up for one month for $7.95, 6 months for $39.95, or one year for $74.95. that means for just over 6 bucks a month, you can have access to TWENTY FOUR cooking classes (plus all the archives and recipes), which are normally $65 a pop if you take them in person. plus, you can jump around replay stuff as much as you like and watch old classes from before you joined. man, i love the internet!

    spork online has only been around for a little over a month, and they’ve already got me hooked. the videos are compelling and easy to follow with lots of beauty shots of delicious food. they are shot in a real cooking class setting, with jenny and heather explaining each step of the recipe to their students. there’s also helpful text on screen, as well as fun facts about food and nutrition. each meal contains four different recipes, and you can watch them all or jump to whichever one you like. the classes look so fun and laid back, everyone is laughing and having a good time while making mouthwatering vegan food…it’s actually not intimidating at all. now i know i need to take one in person!

    in addition to cooking videos, there’s a very handy “food 911” section where jenny and heather answer readers’ questions. you can submit a question and get a response via email, plus watch informational videos that the sisters have made in response to other queries. again, all the videos are beautifully and professionally made and sincerely entertaining. i learned so much in just 5 minutes about chopping, picking out produce, and food storage.

    the spork sisters! aren't they the cutest?!

    like i said earlier, i think a membership to spork online is the perfect gift for anyone in your life (vegan or non-vegan). the videos are so fun, the recipes are so easy to follow, and the food is so delicious; spork online is the perfect way to introduce omnivores to veganism and get them excited about the meals that are possible without animal products. i’m so excited that jenny and heather have teamed up with talented filmmakers and put together such a great and entertaining vegan resource. i highly suggest you give it a try.

    to learn more about all the awesome benefits of becoming a spork online member and to sign up, click here!


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  • Quarrygirl, you MUST take one in person! Not only is it fun to watch (and smell) amazing food be made but you get to eat it too!

  • If you ever want to go to a class together, you can hide behind me! It really is worth it to take a class in person and I think Spork Online is AMAZING!!!!!

  • I know what I’m asking for when I have a birthday this month!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    How cool!!

  • I agree with Vegyogini. I am shy as well but LOVE their classes. A friend took me to the first one and I have been hooked every since.

    Heather & Jenny are so wonderful and they make you feel at easy. The classes are usually demo so there is no worry that you will be cooking in front of others. When they do offer you hands on they ask would you like to “fill in the blank” and there are often people who pass.

    I think you would love it! I know I did :).

  • girl, you’ve gotta go in person!

    don’t worry about being shy, you don’t actually have to do anything hands on!
    it’s all demo, but you could surely jump in if you wanted.
    there’s so much to learn, and you can ask questions about lots of weird vegan things, like arrowroot powder, xanthan gum, nutritional yeast and all other kinds of freaky things strange to newbie vegans like me.

    plus, you get a FEAST at the end!

  • I am LOVING Sporkonline. It is not only entertaining and fun but informative and useful as well. They even gave a free gift box full of vegan goodies to the first 200 that joined. I attended a class earlier this year too, before they started taping classes. They told us to look out for it in the future and I joined as soon I heard it was up and running.It’s amazing, they don’t act any different when giving classes on camera than they do in person. They’re awesome 🙂

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