• there’s a new tofurky in town this thanksgiving!

    November 22nd, 2010quarrygirlproducts, tofurky

    everyone knows that the tofurky feast is a vegan thanksgiving staple (we usually eat at least 2 of ’em over the holiday season). the delicious vegetarian turkey alternative has been around for 15 years, but this year there is even more to love about it because it comes with the decadent addition of amy’s vegan chocolate cake!

    the folks at turtle island contacted me and asked if i wanted a coupon to try out this new tofurky/amy’s package, and of course i said HELL YES!

    i’m happy to report that the tofurky roast was bigger and tastier than ever (they’ve upped the serving size this year!), and the amy’s cake was moist and delicious beyond belief. let’s start with the tofurky roast…

    i’m always a sucker for a good tofurky feast, but the first one of the season is always the best. if you haven’t had one, you need to get on that ASAP. the massive tofu-based roast is filled with wild rice and bread crumb stuffing, and comes with a packet of chunky “giblet” gravy and crispy pieces of tofurky jurky. i gotta admit, the tofurky is a kind of odd shape (as you can see in the picture at the top of the post), but that’s all part of its charm! my favorite part is definitely the stuffing…it’s goes down so well all stirred up in the gravy. tofurky roasts have always been pretty sizable, but this year they are even bigger…enough to feed 6 people! the whole feast (roast, gravy, jurky, and cake) is only about $25 at whole foods. a good deal if you ask me.

    next up, we have the cake. and boy, do i love the cake! i am usually more of a frosting person, so i was skeptical when i saw that amy’s chocolate cake came unfrosted. it was so rich and moist though, it didn’t even matter. the perfect sweet and chocolaty dessert after all that salty tofurky.

    and you don’t JUST get cake and gravy and jurky with your tofurky feast. you also get a sweet ass postcard…

    who wouldn't love getting this in the mail?

    and a coupon for your next tofurky purchase…

    deli slices, anyone?

    ah yes, with thanksgiving just around the corner you are definitely gonna want to stock up on some tofurky holiday feasts. now with the addition of vegan chocolate cake, these little guys are 10 times as appealing. i love this time of year!

    new vegan tofurky feast! i got mine at whole foods!

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  • I was about to buy a couple but was SUPER BUMMED that they got rid of the dumplings! I fucking loved those things …. *cry*

  • @Greg C. funny you say that, because the dumplings were my least favorite part! bummer they took away your favorite part…but i promise the cake rules!

  • I’ve had the Amy’s cake from the freezer before and thought it was really good! So this looks excellent. Although I did like the dumplings, I can probably make or buy some sort of a approximation if I really miss them that much. I’d rather have the cake for sure! 😀

  • I remember when they replaced the drum sticks with the dumplings. I like the drumsticks even though they were a bit dry, and I like(d) the dumplings, too.

    I don’t really need a frozen cake, my wife can make me a fresh cake whenever I want.

  • I bought and cooked a Tofurky from Trader Joes a couple years ago just to try it. They normally have the smaller version with just the ball and gravy for $10. I really liked the gravy the most and the texture of the meat part was strange like a really dense, chewy sponge.

    It’s kind of a lot of food for one person but the leftovers are good.

  • I equate the flavor and texture of Tofurkey roast with the turkey you would get at the cafeteria in school.

    I don’t mind it, but I won’t deny that Tofurkey slices are better.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I haven’t tried this version yet.

    (I like the mock-turkey slices for sandwiches though.)

    And that cake looks good but I would add vegan frosting to it because I’m healthy like that (Hehe.)

  • If you were dying for frosting, you could slap some of those yummy & inexpensive extra Cinnaholic shots on there…

  • yay! i got the same coupon and was wondering where i could find it. glad you gave it such a good review!

  • Don’t think I’ll be getting any cake in my smaller sized one, can’t wait to try it anyway! =)

  • Grr! They never have the big “feast” where I shop! I always get the green box that has the tofurky and gravy in it. I always did want to try those dumplings, though. Oh well.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Yea, good suggestion [I’m always dying for frosting :D]

  • yea, was bummed there was no dumplings, I always have to buy extra gravy, though, because I love lots of gravy, so I get organic vegetarian gravy to add into it. The cake was good but definately some frosting would be good

  • I have been a tofurkey roast fan for eons–I have always preferred tofurkey to field roast et al. For $25 I think I’d skip the cake and stick with the regular smaller box tho and just make my own cake. But this is an awesome option for non-bakers!

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