• vegan THANKSGIVING PIZZA now available at whole foods weho!

    November 19th, 2010quarrygirlstores, vegan events, whole foods

    yes, yes, YES! a VEGAN THANKSGIVING PIZZA! sounds too good to be true right?! but it’s not! as of yesterday, it’s available at whole foods west hollywood and on sundays they charge just $10 for an epic surf-board-sized pizza. i know what i’m doing this weekend!

    vegan pizza w/ majestic garlic, roasted veg w/herbs vegan stuffing and daiya cheese

    a holiday pizza covered in melty daiya, garlic, fall vegetables, herbs, and vegan stuffing?!?!?! SIGN ME UP! seriously, call the weho whole foods and get in on this. hit up whole foods now.

    Whole Foods Market
    7871 Santa Monica Blvd
    West Hollywood, California 90046
    Phone: 323.848.4200
    Fax: 323.848.4250

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  • i’ll meet you there!

  • Nom. I want this!

  • I think I just died…

  • That’s CRAZY! (in the best possible way!)

  • $10??? Wow, I need that!

  • I know what’s for lunch/dinner tomorrow!!!

  • I’ll meet you there too!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Been a while since I’ve had a good slice of vegan pizza!

  • Well, I thought this sounded amazing until I learned that you cannot get this pizza for $10 on Sunday. It’s special & they cost $15.99 plus tax. You also can’t have a small one made, they said they won’t do it. Disappoiment to the max. 🙁

  • Just kidding, the person I spoke with on the phone regarding this pizza was totally uniformed. Quarrygirl was awesome enough to call the manager, as did I, and you can, in fact, get a whole one for $10, so don’t let them tell you otherwise! How dare they try to get between a hungry vegan and a Thanksgiving pizza! 😉

  • We just picked up our pizza. When we got it home, we discovered they used the cheddar version of Daiya on it, not the mozzarella. It tastes awful.

    My husband called and they said that they ran out of mozzarella and decided to substitute cheddar without telling anyone.

    He finally got the person on the phone to admit that they were wrong and they should not have substituted cheddar. If they had told us, when we picked it up or called, then we would not have gotten it.

    They did offer us a new pizza replacement when they have the mozz. Unfortunately, this pizza is only avail until Thur. They’ll have more mozz. tomorrow, apparently.

    Check before you order/pickup.

  • I was just going to run over there and get one. I’m glad I saw they ran out of cheese before I did. I’ll check it out tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

  • OMG soooooooooo good! I got mine about 12:30 today, fresh outta the oven. It takes just like Thanksgiving! Even the non-vegans in my house thought it was fabulous! Run, don’t walk to get it TODAY! Oh, by the way it is huge, so be prepared for yummy leftovers.

  • damn! I just now saw this! I might just have to pay full price for one tomorrow… that looks too amazing!

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