• nite moon cafe is moving…

    October 23rd, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, nite moon cafe

    …down the street!

    nite moon cafe is moving to de longpre and highland!

    i was out and about in hollywood yesterday, and i noticed this banner on a building near the corner of de longpre and highland. apparently the vegetarian restaurant nite moon cafe, and the yoga studio that comes along with it, are moving down the street from their de longpre/vine location to highland avenue.

    bummer that they won’t be so close to the arclight anymore, but at least they won’t be too far away. if you haven’t eaten at nite moon yet, get over there! it’s really good. check out our past review!


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  • phewwww.. still walking distance!

  • I like this place. Glad its not closing!!!

  • I’m pretty confused by this actually. I know it says, “future home” but I haven’t been able to confirm if they’re moving or just expanding, or when they’ll be done. There’s nothing on their website or at the studio to confirm anything!

    They just moved into their current (gorgeous) space a few years ago, so I don’t get it.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’ve been to this theater for movies a few times (things that weren’t playing anywhere else) and I forgot to go to NMC when I was in the area. I will try and stop in next time for sure.

  • I live just down the street–that banner has been up for a long time but I’ve never seen anyone over there or any kind of construction going on. Curious to know when the move is planned…

  • Forget my previous post–was out for a walk yesterday and there is clearly some construction going on. So maybe there will be news soon…

  • Nite Moon Cafe is now on Highland and Delongpre.

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