• authentic vegan deli subs in LA at figueroa produce!

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    when i went vegan, i never thought i’d be eating deli-style sandwiches again. i’m talking about huge thick beasts served on crunchy bread with tons of vegetables and meat sliced thinly from a massive block right in front of me. well, figueroa produce has proven me wrong…as they’re the first place in california to offer really authentic vegan deli meats, available for purchase by weight or in the sandwich of your choice. if you live anywhere in los angeles, i promise you it’s worth the trip to highland park to try this stuff out.

    while i’m usually a bit skeptical of new vegan meats, the product at figueroa produce is made by a local and vegan-owned company called all vegetarian inc…and the packaging material along with an ingredients list is out on public display in the store. i visited the market on a weekday afternoon, and they had vegan pepper steak, ham, and kobe beef all for the taking.

    anthony, the friendly dude at the counter, was enthusiastic when i asked about the vegan meat. he told me that the bread was vegan as well, and suggested i get my sandwich with vegenaise and deli-sliced daiya. as i eyed up the meat slicer, i asked him to clean it down before making my food. he quickly explained that figueroa produce had recently obtained a new slicer for vegan products only, and pointed proudly to a shiny hunk of metal on the other side of the counter. i mean, HONESTLY?! vegan deli meat and a separate slicer at a grocer in highland park? this is the future.

    i watched in awe as anthony assembled my sandwich, and was transported back to the days before i was a vegetarian. a simple sub with my choice of “meats”, “cheese”, vegetables, and condiments (including vegan mayo!)…i never thought i’d have this pleasure again.

    vegan deli sandwich at figueroa produce: pepper steak, daiya cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pepperoncinis, avocado, mustard and vegenaise. $6.99

    when i finally got my sandwich home and took a bite of it, i just couldn’t believe the authenticity. all of the vegan sandwiches at figueroa produce are just $6.99, a complete steal considering the size. mine came with a generous amount of soy peppersteak and cheddar daiya along with lettuce, tomato, onion, pepperoncini, avocado, mustard, and vegenaise. the peppersteak was incredibly convincing (in a non-creepy way), with a meaty texture and a great blend of spices. i’m already a big daiya fan, but it tasted even better sliced paper-thin and atop all the other fresh ingredients.

    if you like sandwiches, make it a point to hit up figueroa produce ASAP! head straight to the deli counter and fill up on vegan goodness; you won’t be sorry. oh, and while you are there…stock up on teese, daiya, gardein, tofurky, and raw food items,…they’ve got it all!

    Figueroa Produce Market
    6312 North Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90042
    Phone 323-255-FOOD (3663)
    Fax 323-255-3030
    Mon – Sat 7am to 9pm
    Sunday 8am-8pm


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  • गौरी राधा

    Oh that looks terrific!! Vegan deli sandwiches are my favourite to-go lunch.

  • Love that place. We stopped by and they gave us a bunch of samples of the different deli meats and cheesecakes. Fantastic stuff!

  • The vegan chicken was by far my favorite. I love this place!

  • This looks truly incredible. I’m going to get one after work today.

  • Rad rad rad rad rad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Speaking of deli sandwiches, I am a little excited to hear that Capriotti’s, a chain sub shop that I know from Las Vegas, has opened two locations here (Beverly Hills and Encino). I used to gorge myself on their vegetarian deli meat substitutes before I went full-on vegan, so I don’t know if they are dairy and egg-free. I wonder if you can find out, Quarrygirl? I’ve emailed them with no response…


  • @KD

    Offering veggie deli slices is such a no brainer, I can’t believe Subway, Quizno’s, etc. haven’t done it.

  • What visionaries the owners of Figueroa Produce are! If you offer a healthy, tasty alternative to animal products….even non-vegans will go for it! I am going to support this place with my choices and my dollars….

  • @Gregalor – I’m surprised Subway hasn’t offered Yve’s or Tofurky, a hummus sub like Togo’s …or even the Nate’s veggie meatballs. To me, those are EXACTLY like Subway meatballs (as much as I remember, anyway) ….although that might be scary not knowing if they gave you the right ones or not.

  • गौरी राधा

    “Offering veggie deli slices is such a no brainer, I can’t believe Subway, Quizno’s, etc. haven’t done it.”

    Totally agree!! I wish they’d start doing this, it would make life SO much easier, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar part of town and there are only a few places close by where you can have a quick inexpensive lunch between meetings or appointments.

  • Fantastic!I am so thrilled that you made it out to this incredible local shop in my neighborhood. The best of owners, completely committed to the community. And so thankful for all of the continuous updates they have on vegan products. And a separate slicer!
    I am definitely trying this sandwich tonight!

  • That. Looks. AMAZING!!!

  • Went there this evening and they were sold out of everything except the bacon meat. Anthony, the owner, was so apologetic and promised that he’d be completely restocked tomorrow. I told him that Quarrygirl was responsible for the sell-out, but that it’s a good thing for his business.
    Can’t wait to go back – sadly, can’t go tomorrow.

  • That looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it next time I’m in LA.

  • Sorry Cecelia I think I took the last of the chicken. The sandwiches are really sizable, bread was fresh and they really took their time putting it together. Looking forward to trying it again. YUMMY!

  • I can’t wait to try a sandwich. It’s a trek from my place but I want to support the store so I hope to make it out this weekend.

  • i think capriotti’s uses tofurkey slices. i used to live in vegas also. there sandwiches are okay but now that i’ve been spoiled with selection in la i could never eat that stuff again. in fact i tried and wished i had just gone to subway and got veggies.

  • Oh my goodness! This is wonderful news–the separate slicer and everything. As soon as I resume full scale driving, I know where I’ll be headed. 🙂

  • i went in today to grab a kombucha and the deli is fully re-stocked.

  • You’ve made me so happy!

  • based on your review, i went there today and the sandwich was pretty fantastic. they were out of the sub bread so i had to settle for wheat, but it was still really REALLY good, and so simple too. worth the drive from hollywood for sure. i had the fake chicken, and I’m not even sure what brand it was, something i had never seen/had before, but had a tofurkey feel to it. and personally, i think uncooked, unmelted Daiya is absolutely disgusting normally, but in this case it was a nice compliment to the sandwich for sure. i definitely recommend checking the place out per quarry’s suggestion! thanks quarry!

  • @trishells–I assure you, the Capriotti’s veggie meat is not Tofurkey (well, I guess it’s possible, but I’d be shocked–I’m well-versed in Tofurkey). The last time I was there they were out of veggie turkey so I went with the veggie steak and it was amazing…would love to know if it’s vegan or not. Quarrygirl? Help?!

  • kd- yo got me curious. i called the beverly hills location and apparently they use a few different brands of mock meat. so that i didn’t have the poor guy on the phone forever i asked specifically about the turkey. he said the brand is worthington’s and no, it sure ain’t vegan. it contains eggs. i didn’t ask about any other products but he was super nice about the whole thing so i suggest you give ’em a call or visit and find out if your fave stuff is vegan.

  • @trishells-thanks so much! i’ll follow up with them. too bad the turkey is out. 🙁

  • Yum! I can’t wait to try this. Plus they carry Teese. Thx QG!

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