• Vegan Field Report: Tree House – Farmington, Michigan

    September 12th, 2010quarrygirlmichigan, more restaurants (not LA)

    field report time! this one comes to us all the way from michigan, and is written by VeganHeartDoc. so sit back, relax, and enjoy her review of the tree house!

    Hi there! I’m a huge fan of Quarrygirl and all that she has accomplished for the vegan community. She has graciously allowed me to contribute to her blog! When I’m not eating fabulous vegan food, I’m a cardiologist with my own blog, veganheartdoc.com.

    My first report comes from the field – the Midwest – The Tree House in Farmington, Michigan, a small suburb of Detroit. Now, when you visit the Midwest, a vegetarian establishment is hard to come by, and the definition of a veg-friendly restaurant is “menu has a veggieburger”.

    The Tree House is a health food store most of the time, but on Sundays from 1-6 pm, it becomes a vegetarian, mostly vegan and mostly raw buffet. As I was visiting my folks back home for the weekend, I was eager to check out their fare.

    The entrance is pretty funky. You’d hardly expect this to be a store.

    Indoors was a fabulous array of foods. The theme was sandwiches, and sadly the pre-arranged sandwiches had some sort of dairy. But, raw bread, nut burger patties, and a host of accompaniments served as an alternative.

    My favorite selections were the nori rolls and broccoli. The broccoli was mixed with almond butter and succanat. I’m not a fan of uncooked broccoli, but this totally worked.

    The best – dessert!!!! A raw carrot cake, made with carrots and carrot juice, dates, coconut, and some nuts, which was insanely fabulous, better than any cooked carrot cake that I’ve ever had. And the raw apple pie – incredible.

    It’s not that well known, but definitely should be. If you are in the Detroit area on a Sunday, definitely hit this place up!

    The Tree House
    22906 Mooney Street, Farmington, Michigan

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  • I love vegan carrot cake! That looks incredible.

  • That is one hippy-ass entrance.

  • Also living in the mid-West (Kansas City) and chuckled at the “this menu has a vegetarian burger” on it. So true!

  • love the field report, heather! and i would have to agree with allie that the carrot cake looks INSANE.

  • Their external decor is so cute!! And the vegan carrot cake looks good.

  • I am a huge fan of The Vegan Heart Doc! So cool to see this review!

  • It’s funny to read different people’s reactions to the first picture. Where I grew up on the north coast of California that type of store is pretty common and normal.

  • There are lots of vegan friendly places in metro Detroit. Next time you’re in town check out the Sunday brunch at the Inn Season Cafe a vegetarian place in Royal Oak.

  • the detroit area has an incredible amount of lebanese restaurants and all of them should have some vegan options. my favorite is anita’s in ferndale. in los angeles the lebanese restaurant sunnin has about half the menu items marked as vegan, which is how most of these things are traditionally made.

  • Sigh… Budapest Mushroom soup. I can taste you 2000 miles away. Any time of the week is good for Inn Season.

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