• DOOMIE’S all you can eat vegan buffet at the meet market! saturday 8/14!

    August 13th, 2010quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants, meet market (closed)

    big news, vegans! we were devastated when one of our favorite restaurants ever, doomie’s home cookin’, shut down…but tomorrow, we are gonna have a chance to eat their amazing food again when they host a buffet at the meet market in silverlake.

    DETAILS —>

    doomie himself is gonna be cooking up a brunch you don’t wanna miss. here is the vital info:
    date: saturday august 14th
    place: the meet market (on sunset at descanso)
    time: 10am – 2pm
    cost: $10 ALL YOU CAN EAT

    rumored menu items include blintzes, waffles, biscuits and gravy, bacon, and home fries. i will take ten of each. see you all there?!

    the meet market
    3206 W Sunset Blvd (at Descanso)
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

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  • HELL YES! Will be there with bib and sweatpants.


  • Phil is the chillest guy ever but I know him from Club Violaine. I never got to hit Doomie’s since I didn’t find out about it until after it closed.

    If anyone knows a good location that doesn’t have to be remodeled let him know because he’s been looking for a long time.

  • how has this not happened sooner???? great vegan bizs working together! Congrats!

  • Damn, can’t do Saturday’s. I do the whole good Jew on shabbat thing.

    Hope he reopens soon. Maybe someone should suggest a Doomies vegetarian lunch truck since there are few of those around and it’s cheaper than renting a place 🙂

  • ^Give this woman a fucking medal!

  • I am so going to be there!

  • Awwww…that sounds awesome but I’m going to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World! Priorities, yo.

  • I got there at 11am and the place was completely packed, so I put my name on a waiting list and went over to look at the food.

    But the buffet was empty, save for a few pieces of bacon and a vat of gravy. I’m sure more was coming, but I didn’t know when, nor did I know when I’d get to sit down.

    BOOOOO! But I was happy to see the brunch was popular.

    So I dragged my azz down to Flore and tried the new biscuits and gravy menu item QG recently reviewed, and it was fantastic!

  • Went today. They did not prepare enough food. Not even close, and as far as I could tell, they were not really trying. The “cook’s” response was shrug-and-mosey: no sense of urgency. He did not seem to realize that part of being a pro cook is planning. His lack of contrition was odd, the lack of hustle was hard to believe (a laughably meager tray of food came out each 15-20 minutes). Maybe he thought he had to try to make his supplies last. Sorry to say, the food was not very good either. I really hope this was Opposite Day or something.

  • Thank You for posting this! I went this morning and truly enjoyed it. Unfortunatly I didn’t get to try the blintzes, potatoes or waffle parfaits. The fresh total was genius, again thanks.

  • Total letdown. It felt like the 1930’s for the 15 mins I was waiting for food. They would bring out these 1/8 filled trays of food, set it down, and everyone would run up to get some only to find out there was enough for a few. I, as well as several other parties, got fed up and left. To be honest, MM is really hit or miss and I think Im going to skip on brunch from now on.

  • It seems like this happens all too often at this brunch thing. This has happened to them so many times, why can’t they get their shit together? I’ve never bothered to go because I hear about this week after week.

  • I two friends around 11:30, there was one group ahead of us. But we waited about 30 minutes and it didn’t look too good for our chances. There just wasn’t enough food and they really seemed short staffed. Sad, because we were really excited-but this place seems to have this problem. I really think they should get at least one more cook back there to speed stuff up, the demand is just too high. We ended up going to Flore and it was amazing. I LOVED those biscuits and gravy, and will probably just go there from now on-less hassle and great food. I love Meet Market, but when you are hungry you gotta go where they have food.

  • i showed up on time and ate. it was amazing, the bacon ruled so hard.

  • We arrived 20 minutes after opening and managed to grab a table because a big group decided to leave. I usually go up to the buffet twice in a normal situation. I think I went up 5 times since the trays were NEVER full all at once. Totally understaffed and not worth the hassle.

  • Miranda of Flore

    Hey guys! The brunch today was a guest hosted Doomie’s brunch and was not staffed by the Meet Market as is the usual case. It was their first time hosting an all you can eat and they did underestimate the amount of food that needs to be available. They made awesome food and honestly thought they had enough for 80 people but fell really short. The Meet Market Sunday brunch doesn’t run out of food these days (not since the New Years Day Massacre:))

  • I arrived at 11 with three friends to find the place full. Since we were told that food would be replenished shortly, we decided to wait for a table. Needless to say, in the nearly ninety minutes I was sitting there, I was astonished at how slowly food was brought out, and even more amazed at how little there was of it when it did appear! When I go to an all you can eat buffet, I expect there to be food… it felt like 15 minutes before the end of the buffet, not an hour into service. What I had was pretty good overall…. the bacon rocked, the biscuits (the one I had) was pretty good, the gravy would have been great but it was the dregs of the pot and not very warm. (Never saw the waffle parfait or the blintzes and saw only a glimpse of restocked potatoes before they were gone.) Whenever new people came in and were told that food would be replenished soon, I felt like warning them away since I had been sitting for so long with nothing (or little to nothing) coming out.

    In short–I was disappointed and it wasn’t worth the trip to Silverlake. Too bad! I loved Doomie’s food the one time I was able to eat there downtown.

  • Now I understand why my experiences at MM are so hit-and miss: People like Miranda – who I assume have something to do with running MM – don’t take responsibility when things go wrong.

    I didn’t think twice about the food snafu on Saturday, but Miranda’s comment indicates she blames the guest cook/staff for the lack of food.

    Uh…it’s your restaurant, right? I assume you hired the crew. Maybe you should blame yourself and say sorry to the people who made a special trip for this brunch only to completely waste their time.

    Customers don’t care if you’ve invited a guest cook. They just want the food you’ve advertised. And when they don’t get it, they’ll (rightly) blame the restaurant.

  • Doomie's Home Cookin'

    Thank you, and sorry.

    A HUGE thank you to The Meet Market/Flore owner, Miranda, for giving Doomie’s the opportunity to try our hand at guest hosting a brunch. Thank you to every customer who showed up in support to Doomie’s and to those who just came unaware of our presence. We hope that the people who showed up within the first hour when everything was still going as planned were pleased and stuffed; to anyone who showed up past 11, when everything went downhill, we greatly apologize. As heart breaking as it is to read the negative feedback, we appreciate those who took the time to voice their grievances. You are still our valued customers and we want to turn your dissatisfaction into happiness at future opportunities. We failed you and we have some explaining to do.

    First, as Miranda mentioned, Doomie’s Home Cookin’ was guest hosting the brunch at The Meet Market on Saturday. She was kind enough to offer us the space and the help of her two employees. Our brunch service had nothing to do with the regular Meet Market brunches. Our shortcommings are our mistakes, please don’t let them reflect poorly on their regular operation. Being that we were guest hosting, we had little idea on how brunches at The Meet Market run and no idea on how much food to make, nor how many people would show up. The seating capacity of The Meet Market is about 24, so we planned (what we thought optimistically) for about 50 people. We received the final confirmation and details 24hrs before and needless to say, we shopped, prepped and cooked every minute of those 24 hours and operated the whole thing running on no sleep. Given the amount of time we had, and with no real knowledge of the amount of people that would show up, we (and there’s only two of us) prepared:

    200 pieces of bacon
    100 biscuits
    A gallon of gravy
    10 lbs of peppers, 5 lbs of onions, 10 lbs of potatoes for home fries
    50 blintzes
    200 pieces of french toast
    6 lbs of strawberries and supplies for 50 parfait cups

    Great effort was made to provide enough food but alas, we fell far short. Of course it didn’t help that at 10 o’clock on the nose, some of the Doomie’s-Heavy-Weight-Eaters were (understandably) eagerly ready to scarf down every last bite of what they could possibly muster (you know who you are…..ALEX =P!),

    On to the problem regarding refilling the trays and putting out just a little bit of food each time. The Meet Market is a sandwich shop with an appropriate sandwich shop kitchen. There are no stoves, ovens, fryers, griddles, etc of a full restaurant kitchen to do heavy duty cooking. They don’t need them, that’s not what they do there, and they have a kitchen at Flore to tend to those needs. We brought a single butane burner and small electric griddle to supplement the electric griddle, paninni press, and single electric burner that they use for normal operations. We could only heat up limited amounts at one time so we put out what was ready as soon as we could in the batch sizes we were limited to. If we ever seemed like we weren’t hustling it’s because when all the griddle space is full and the pans are cooking all they can cook, there’s not much you can do to make things cook faster.

    In retrospect there are alot of ways we could have steamlined had we known what would happen and would also have chosen different dishes that could have been remade on the spot easily. It was a first time deal and we thought we brought enough for our estimates. A run was made to the store mid-service to get more food and throw together other quick dishes. It was a tough decision to continue service. Do you cut service altogether when some items run out or do you press on with new supplies and new dishes hastily thrown together? We don’t like to cut people off mid-buffet and end things early. Likewise we are not happy sending out dishes that we couldn’t give the proper attention to detail to. We pressed on, tried our best under the circumstances and hoped that we could keep people happy.

    So again, we’re really very sorry that things worked out the way they did for the people who weren’t satisfied. We take some comfort in the knowledge that many of those that left went to Flore and had a good time there. If we ever get a chance to do it again, we now have knowledge of the amount of food to bring, better dishes to choose, an understanding of the kitchen and front of house, and a better grip on how many great people will show up even on only 24 hours notice! Despite the problems, we had a great time guest hosting at The Meet Market and we throw Miranda a huge thank you for having us!

    Thanks again to everyone for all your support,
    -Amelia and Doomie
    Doomie’s Home Cookin’

  • We tried, but like others were let down. There is a lot of potential for something awesome like this to work, and we really love Doomie’s food. Maybe next time, no all you can eat! Maybe just do a solid 3-4 item plate for $8.

    hope we have better luck next time, we’d gladly come again, even from Long Beach…

    Meet Market staff were totally professional and refunded all our money, even when i only asked for a 50% refund, we did get to eat 6 triangles of French toast and 1 piece of bacon. Staff responded well to the problems, good customer service will always be rewarded with return trips… in fact i can’t wait for my next reuben, or two!

  • Miranda of Flore

    EricM: The Meet Market was happy to provide a venue for Doomie to make his magic. The point of our comment was not one of dodging or laying blame only provide information as many comments were comparing this brunch to a Meet Market Sunday Brunch. We are pleased that Doomie was able to share his food with those who were able to dine and very regretful for those who didn’t get fed. Everyone involved was very excited. Believe me, we are ALL heart which is why we invited (rather than hired) Doomie to utilize our space… we are a community within a community. We hope to offer our space up again for them to utilize in the future.

  • Doomie's Home Cookin'

    Doomie’s Revenge Brunch

    Two weekends ago Doomie’s Home Cookin’ was honored with the chance to host a guest brunch at The Meet Market. While we felt that most of the initial dishes were a delicious success and the attendance far exceeded our expectations on 24hrs notice, overall we left feeling failed and defeated. Once all the seats filled up,, people had to wait for an open table. Once some food ran out people had to wait for new food to be made. Some people left disappointed. It was a nightmare for us. This Saturday, we want revenge.

    On Aug 28, Doomie’s Home Cookin’ returns to The Meet Market to once again battle the hunger of LA’s Vegan community.
    This time we’ll be ready for you! Our game plan for success includes:

    *$10 for all you can eat or $8 for a one trip to-go box to combat the problem of limited seating
    *Greater variety of items
    *A focus on Lunch items
    *Foods that cook quicker and serve easier
    *Additional Doomie’s Kitchen staff

    We will try to right the wrongs and win your hearts through your stomachs. Are you ready?

    Doomie’s Revenge Brunch
    Sat Aug 28
    10am-2pm (unless 200 people show up and we run out of food)
    @ The Meet Market
    3206 W Sunset Blvd (at Descanso)
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

  • Yesterday 8/28 there was a good amount of food, although they ran out of a couple of items including chocolate chip cookies and they didn’t seem to be planning to replace them, so I had to go to Babycakes NYC to get my fix. Actually I was surprised at how deserted it was when I went – maybe people burned by 8/14 really did give up on this.

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