• tony’s darts away keeps ruling for vegans. plus, HOT SAUCE!

    August 11th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, tony's darts away

    have you guys been to tony’s darts away yet?! if not, WTF are you waiting for? it’s the best place for vegan beer lovers in los angeles, period. the almost entirely vegan beer selection is massive (and so are the pours), the menu features some of our favorite products, the service is friendly, and the food is outstanding.

    the ultimate vegan spread: firestone walker union jack ipa, vegan chili, 2 types of hot sauce, vegan beer brat with creole mustard, garlic paste, sauerkraut, and diced onions.

    but we’re not here just to tell you what you already know, we actually have some brief updates about the restaurant. first off, tony’s darts away now carries HOT SAUCE. we have been begging them to stock the spicy stuff for quite sometime, and tony himself even promised in the comments section that they were working on it. for awhile though, we were forced to smuggle in our own. well, not any more! tony’s now carries two hot sauce varieties. one is a standard red chili sauce, and the other is an awesome concoction made by the chef with a vegan mayo base. the mayo one is so freaking good, i could drink it by the gallon. even though tony’s is an omnivorous restaurant, they have decided to make just one version of their creamy hot sauce, and it’s vegan. so that’s pretty cool.

    secondly, tony’s has new buns for their sausages. in the past, people have criticized the buns for being too bready, and that is no longer the case. the new buns are light, soft, and sprinkled with sesame seeds…so tasty. we took the new buns and hot sauces for a whirl (pictured above), with a beer brat topped with creole mustard, garlic paste, sauerkraut, and diced onions. the sausage was excellent, and the addition of creamy hot sauce and the new bun made it the best dog we’ve enjoyed at tony’s. as of last sunday, the new hot sauce was not listed on the menu….so be sure to ask for it if you don’t see it.

    black diamond jagged edge ipa and a half pint salad.

    we also tried a salad for the first time at tony’s, and were pretty impressed. we got the half pint—a mix of california field greens, tomato, cucumber, and house vinaigrette. it was very simple, but fresh and delicious. plus, the portion was pretty big for just 3 bucks! tony’s is in the process of adding a new and more substantial vegan salad to the menu, with tofu and quinoa, and i can’t wait.

    i have had friends tell me more than once that it’s hard to find a seat at tony’s, because the place is always really busy. well, we were there on a sunday afternoon and it was super quiet and comfortable. we were chatting with the staff, and they remarked that saturday nights are usually surprisingly mellow, compared to friday nights which are crazy. just thought i’d mention that!

    i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: tony’s darts away rules. the only problem i have with this place is that it’s not closer to my house. get over to burbank and eat at tony’s if you haven’t already. it really is vegan beer and food paradise.

    Tony’s Darts Away
    1710 W. Magnolia Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91506
    (818) 253-1710
    Hours: 11AM-2AM M-SAT & SUN 11AM-1AM

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  • OMG, going soon!

  • I was there last night… and the “new” Mexican Chipotle sausage is AMAZING! I had it bunnless (b/c I did not know about the new buns!) with peppers and onions and the vegan aioli. Plus, of course, a shared order of the vegan sweet potato fries. Next time I’ll try that new bun!!

  • Love this place 🙂 I can’t wait for new location.

  • Looks delicious!!!

  • Well I’ve now visited TDA three times now. Always because I’m in Burbank for other reasons (Fry’s, Ikea, Airport pickup) as I live far westside.

    Each time the beer and food were awesome! But one time (the second time less than a month ago) the service was terrible. It was the arrogant-indifferent actor waitstaff syndrome thing, I think. (AKA the reason I stopped going to RFD.) But the food and beer still rocked! Thanks Tony!

  • Are they opening one in Echo Park??

  • I was at Tony’s on Sunday with the wife….I have to admit that the new buns are far better then the old.

    Great service…great food. Love Tony’s!

  • hmmmmmmm friday lunch? i think so!

  • Hi Quarrygirl, I wanted to let you know that Costco has discontinued the Gardein Crispy tenders. The Burbank store is completely out so I went to Van Nuys and bought 4 bags. I’m really bummed about this. Do you think it would help if people started requesting them?

  • Tonys is indeed opening a spot at sunset and alvarado in echo park.

    I havent found Tonys crowded in a while. I get a bar stool every time.

    It’s a great Day Drinking spot.

  • It’s pretty close to my place and I’ve been there a few times now. I don’t go there for the beer, though (new meds have turned me into a lightweight) – those vegan sausages are what keep me coming back. And the toppings. And the sweet potato fries. And the soda on tap (usually just one kind, but so good).

    I think I need to try me one of those salads next time. Maybe tonight.

  • I’m so envious! We don’t have these vegan restaurant options where I live in Florida. I’ll just live vicariously through y’all!

  • I soo want something like this in Venice or nearby. Seems every new place that opens over here markets themselves as environmentally friendly, and then they provide nothing at all for a vegan to eat. Just organic/grass-fed slaughtered animals.

  • oh jeez as if i didn’t have enough excuses to head to tony’s for beer and brats. hot sauce? have mercy!

  • i love tony’s! super excited about the hot sauce.. i may just have to go there this saturday.

  • I LOVE THIS PLACE! So happy it’s in my neck of the woods! I like getting their brats on a bed of greens instead. Oh and the sweet potato fries…..yummy! So cool that they have board games to play. Last time I was there played Candy Land and Uno. Awesome.

  • Oh my god! The hot sauce is soooooo good! Had a beer brat last night with sauerkraut, relish, and creole mustard. Yummmm!

  • those new buns are so so so good!!! and now they have my fave sausage ever: field roast chipotle. woooohoooo!!! i know omnivores who will eat the chipotle over a reg meat sausage it’s that good. yummmmm.

  • I wish they had a place like this in Clearwater, FL !

  • Hey Quarry girl – love your blog. You’re right on the money about Tony’s Darts. Do you have any idea where they get their vegan brats? I want to stock up for the summer. Thanks.

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