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    July 11th, 2010brittanyfrysmith, LA restaurants

    a couple weeks ago the frysmith (or as i call them, ‘frysmiff’) parked their glorious tank of vegetable oil up the street from the building i work in. i love the frysmith, i really do, but the portion size of an order of fries is huge and i can’t handle all of that deep-fried goodness without feeling 1) a little gross and 2) a little guilty. SO i was really excited when they had “potacos” as a special.

    potacos at frysmith

    what is a potaco? it’s a tacos with fries as the filling. DUH. fucking GENIUS!

    an order of potacos gets you 2 tacos filled with fries, cheese (daiya), roasted bell pepper salsa, poblano sauce, cabbage, and avocado for $3.50!!! i can tell you that these tacos were fucking amazing and i want to eat them all of the time.

    i’m not sure what the frysmith’s plans are for these babies, but i think they should be on the menu regularly. OR a secret menu item. everyone needs these in their lives and i think we should rally for ’em!

    frysmith website
    frysmith twitter

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