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    July 7th, 2010quarrygirlhugo's restaurant, LA restaurants

    it’s a brand new month, which means a brand new specials menu at hugo’s restaurant! july specials start today at the studio city location, and tomorrow in west hollywood…and let me tell you, vegans are in for a real treat with this month’s offerings.

    first up, the soul food plate IS BACK! this crazy delicious dish was on the june menu, and it was so popular that hugo’s decided to extend its run. if you didn’t get to try it last month, now is your chance! this plate is so insane, it needs to be seen from every angle to be believed…

    vegan soul food plate: BBQ organic tofu steak served with vegan and gluten-free corn bread topped with cauliflower flowerets covered in a mushroom leek gravy. Served with sides of braised leafy greens with garlic and onions and spiced maple roasted yams. $12.50

    the entree is absolutely MASSIVE…enough for at least a couple meals. it comes piled high with some of the best bbq tofu i’ve ever tasted, soft and moist vegan cornbread, cauliflower in mushroom gravy, braised leafy greens, and maple roasted yams. seriously, it’s a feast and a half!

    everything on the plate is fantastic, but my absolute favorite thing was the bbq tofu and the cornbread. sweet soul food perfection, i’m tellin’ ya!

    the next special i’ve had a chance to try is the sprouted red lentil eggless omelette…

    sprouted red Lentil eggless omelette: An amazing omelette prepared with sprouted red lentils, garlic, ginger and a blend of herbs and spices. Filled with sautéed leafy greens, onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes. Topped with Tika Masala sauce.Served with turmeric rice, tomato chutney, and cilantro mint chutney. $11.50

    i wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a vegan omelette, but this thing was fantastic! instead of eggs, hugo’s uses a crazy blend of lentils and wraps it around leafy greens and vegetables. it comes covered in the restaurant’s divine tika masala sauce (which i’m a huge fan of), along with a side of rice and chutneys for dipping. please note that you need to specify that you want this dish prepared vegan! by default, it comes with yogurt.

    if you like inventive food and curry flavors, you will LOVE the eggless omelette. it’s definitely one of my favorite vegan specials yet.

    so get over to hugo’s as soon as you can and try out the new july menu! they also have some other really great sounding dishes that i haven’t eaten yet…including a sprouted grain tortilla bowl and a vegan cauliflower ceviche. again, the new specials start TODAY in studio city and TOMORROW in weho! EAT UP.

    hugo’s restaurant
    8401 Santa Monica Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
    (323) 654-3993
    12851 Riverside Drive
    Studio City, CA 91607
    (818) 761-8985

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  • That cornbread looks tempting.

  • I got Hugo’s monthly email detailing their July specials, and it says the omelette is available for dinner as well.

    Oh, and I had the BBQ plate a couple weeks ago and it IS truly amazing.

  • mmm! too bad I’m so far away, I could go for one of those omelettes!

  • That soul food plate is beautiful.

  • Does anyone know if they serve the soul food dishes at hugos in Atwater?

  • @gil: no, the hugo’s in atwater is a taco stand. it’s all mexican food, but lots of great vegan options there as well. 🙂

  • Hmmmm….Gonna have to check out the soul food plate. I am walking distance Hugo’s in Studio City…might hit them up this weekend.

  • Ah, i see. I keep forgetting that there’s 2 kinds of hugos. :p

  • Soul Food platter at Stuff I Eat is way better.

  • My husband and I just left the WeHo location, and we both agree that it was a total let down. I had the Very Green Caserole for $13, and he had the Tofu Rancheros for $12.50. Both dishes tasted like cafeteria food. The best part was the melted daiya cheese on top, which is pretty great, but I can melt some daiya cheese on top of a store bought veggie burger patty and tasteless veggies for a lot less than $13. The meals were worth maybe $5 or $6. I was expecting so much more from this place based on the reviews. Oh well. Now we know!

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