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    July 4th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    have you been to the los angeles based meetup vegan drinks yet? if not, you are missing out. the latest one was held at the new spork foods space, and it was a blast.

    vegan drinks occurs once a month, and it’s basically just a gathering of LA vegans who want to hang out, socialize, and have a good time. it was started almost 2 years ago by lex and kristin, and has grown from a handful of friends at a local bar to a full on community with over 800 members. the spork foods vegan drinks was one of the funnest ones i’ve ever been to, partly because it was a private event. the spork sisters opened up their AWESOME brand new location, and for $15 we were able to enjoy home brewed sangria and an assortment of fabulous tapas.

    there were delicious cashew cheese stuffed dates…

    cashew cheese stuffed dates

    marinated olives…

    marinated olives with lemon zest and spices

    spicy potatoes bravas…

    potatoes bravas: roasted potatoes in a smokey paprika sauce

    and of course, alcohol…


    overall, it was a great night!

    if you haven’t been to vegan drinks yet, you really should check it out. a splendid time is guaranteed for drinkers and non-drinkers alike…after all, us drunk vegans need designated drivers!

    hit up the vegan drinks website for future events, and also be sure to check out the spork foods cooking class schedule! i haven’t taken a class with them yet, but everyone raves about them. plus the spork sisters are the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet, their food is amazing, and their new space is beautiful.

    spork foods
    7494 Santa Monica Blvd. #302
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    (323) 512-5544

    LA vegan drinks

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  • Vegan cashew-cheese stuffed dates? Those look so good!! I might have get over my shyness and show up to one of these things someday. Hehe.

  • That should read “I might have TO get over my shyness” in the sentence above. Fourth Of July Typos, Happy Fourth Everyone!! 😀

  • I was there. The space is very nice. Jenny and Heather Goldberg are warm and welcoming. I was however disappointed in the spread. I expected them to show off a bit and create a strong desire to join them for a class or two. I mean really. Stuffed dates, olives and nuts. It does not take a cooking class to prepare those snacks. Oh yeah, there were the potatoes. Nice idea but still underwelming in the context of what is possible. Let’s try it again with a stronger commitment this time. I know they have it in them. As far a Vegan Drinks is concerned, they rock. Lex and Kristin are breaking new ground with each event. Keep up the great work all. And thanks quarrygirl for covering it.

  • I was there! So so close to meeting the elusive QG. I’m almost in a photo because I see my friend, but I appear to be blocked out by some lovely sunflowers. Oh well, the stuffed dates were ridiculously amazing. I may or may not have had 40ish.

  • I was there also. The cashew-cheese-stuffed dates were delicious, but honestly I was expecting a more filling spread of snacks. QG, you are my hero, and I want to meet you at one of these events one day 🙂

  • both potatoes and dates were amaaazing. definitely some binge eating on my part going on.

  • The boy reaching for the Cashew Cheese stuffed date has a Duran Duran tattoo! Holy underwear. Never thought I’d see that on a man – now I need to listen to “Seven and the Ragged Tiger”. 🙂

  • I was there too! Being as antisocial as possible 😉

  • From the looks of it, I need me some of that sangria!

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