• loving hut in cape coral florida: vegan field report

    June 12th, 2010quarrygirlflorida, more restaurants (not LA)

    happy weekend, folks! it’s time for another vegan field report by brittany from the sick of lettuce blog. this time she takes on our FAVORITE cult ever (read more about them here) with her review of loving hut’s cape coral location. we are huge fans of the food at loving hut here in LA, so let’s see how the florida restaurant stacks up.

    as i’ve said before, the city my parents live in is pretty thin on vegan options. so imagine my surprise when i found out there was a 100% vegan restaurant in cape coral, fl! cape coral neighbors fort myers and loving hut is just a hop, skip, and a toll bridge away.

    i’ve never been to the loving hut here in LA but i have heard good things. it’s not one of those crappy vegan thai places! so one day my mom and i drove over the bridge to check it out.

    fried wonton: shiitake mushroom, cabbage, carrots. $2.75

    my mom and i started by splitting some fried wontons – filled with mushrooms, cabbage, carrots and served with sriracha and vegenaise for dipping. these were absolutely delicious! so delicious that my mom, who “wasn’t hungry” placed a 2nd order for herself. uh huh! oh yeah, and these were DIRT CHEAP. $2.75 for an appetizer! that’s MADNESS!

    fabulous pho: rice noodles, tofu, tvp protein, white mushrooms, vegetable broth. $7.25

    i ordered a big bowl o’ pho for myself. one thing i noticed is all of the faux meats on the menu were either TVP or seitan, so i wasn’t worried about getting some fake taiwanese meat that wasn’t really vegan. i was presented with a HUGE bowl of piping hot vermicelli noodles, mushrooms, tofu, and TVP meat. i was also given a huge bottle of sriracha, which i promptly made a huge swirly pattern with over the top of my bowl. at that point, our waitress laughed and told me i knew the right way to eat pho. everything in this bowl was amazing – the broth, the TVP meat, the mushrooms, the noodles. so yummy. i ate as much as i could and still had half to take home.

    so if you’re nearby, GO SUPPORT THIS PLACE! it’s the only 100% vegan restaurant in the area, the prices are great and the food is delicious. you shan’t be disappointed!

    loving hut cape coral
    1918 Del Prado Blvd S
    Cape Coral, FL 33990
    (239) 424-8433

    ps: qg here, and i can say that the inside of that loving hut looks EXACTLY like all the other supreme master locations i’ve been to. and you can bet your ass they were playing supreme master tv up in there! i’d also like to add that if you ever find yourself in a strange city w/o vegan options, check and see if there’s a loving hut. these places are all over asia, and LH also has the distinction of being the ONLY vegan restaurant in paris! go figger.

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  • I LOVE this restaurant, I’ve been to it in Paris and in Valencia and it’s just an awesome place. The food is awesome and the people who work there are wonderfully nice. It’s affordable and you can get a TON OF FOOD. Totally amazing.

  • SO GOOD! i forgot to mention the staff was also very friendly.

  • Nice review!! I go to the Los Angeles location all the time, I like the vegan dishes on the menu and the service is also pretty great.

  • i love the hut in Alhambra, so yay!

  • lmk when the argument about supporting the cult begins. i’ll be back. ba ha ha!!!

  • My brother lives in Cape Coral, so this is good to know for visits.

  • There is more than just the Loving Hut in Paris. Check out the Gentle Gourmet just off the Champs Elyses if you’re there. It kicks the butt of any vegan restaurant I’ve ever been to anywhere in the world.

  • Believe it or not, in about a month we are going to have two Loving Huts here in the Phoenix area. I love this place, so delicious.

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