• your vegan weekend 6/5 – 6/6: franken’s, mashup, EVERYTHING at M CAFE FOR $5!

    June 4th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    it’s gonna be a great weekend for vegans in los angeles and here is the stuff you shouldn’t be missing:

    franken's on saturday!

    first up on saturday, the frankenstand is taking over hollywood and western with its delicious plant-based sausages. if you haven’t tried this place yet, you GOTTA go. they are our #1 favorite food cart and their gourmet franks are beyond delicious. it’s also a special occasion because franken’s very rarely comes out in the daylight. seriously, GO. take my advice, and order the witch or the franken….you will not be sorry. follow @thefrankenstand on twitter for more info.

    the franken: this classic sausage will make you feel alive! with a monster blend of sun dried tomatoes and basil giving it a slightly sweet taste. $5

    save some room though, because also on saturday is the monthly mobile mashup at the verdugo bar.

    mobile mashup at verdugo!

    two food trucks we absolutely love, frysmith and mandoline grill, are combining forces to make some insanely delish curry fries. i have friends who went to the last mashup and raved about it, so this is definitely something worth checking out. plus, the verdugo has the best beer selection in town…don’t miss it!

    $5 ONLY ON SATURDAY EVE! california club: a triple-decker of savory tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, carrots, sprouts, and soy mayo on your choice of bread. comes with one deli salad.

    saturday evening, finish your day with dinner at m cafe because to celebrate their 5th anniversary, EVERYTHING ON THE MENU WILL BE ONLY $5 from 5pm until closing! this is a crazy deal, and it’s way too good to pass up. from m cafe: “On Saturday, June 5 from 5 p.m. to close, all three M Café locations which include the original on Melrose Ave., Culver City, and Beverly Hills will offer everything on their menu for just $5 (dishes that are below $5 will be offered at their regular price). Signature items include the Big Macro Burger ($9.75) and the M Chopped Salad ($11.45), among others.” my favorite thing to order is the california club, which is normally over 11 bucks…you know what i will be having for dinner on saturday night!

    lastly, on sunday, start your day off with the all you can eat brunch from the meet market in silverlake. brunches used to be held on both weekend days, but now they are SUNDAYS ONLY from 10am-2pm. i heard a rumor that there were gonna be biscuits at this week’s brunch, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. for up-to-date info on that, follow @florevegan on twitter.

    so loosen your belts, folks, and get ready for a super weekend filled with awesome vegan food! TGIF!

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  • I’m really sincerely going to try to hit all this up this weekend. I love all the m cafe deals lately. It seems like they are close to figuring out how to sell the big macro for 5 bucks and turn a profit. M Cafe competing with major fast food restaurants would be an awesome future. franchises anyone?

  • Thanks for the info! Heading to L.A. this weekend, this may help.

  • Meet Market is only doing brunch once during the weekends now? Why, Meet Market, WHYYYYY!

  • so now i don’t have to wait until brunch is over to get a sammie at meet market? sounds like good news to me. i much more prefer their sandwiches than brunch (i may be alone on this one).
    oh, big macro how i love you! if they sold that guy for $5 all the time i think i would eat one every day. with a side of the amazing kale. *droooool*

  • This all looks pretty cool! Thanks for the info QG!!

  • @CYoFC: Get a job like the rest of us, hippy. 😛

  • Thank you Sooooooooo much for the M Cafe tip QG. I will be their at 5pm sharp for my Macro Burger. Yipeeeee!

  • Ah what a delicious news. So glad I had a walk and a workout! Time to fill up on the all the goodies!

  • just a follow-up note about meet market this past weekend. the all you can eat brunch was advertised from 10-2. got there ready to grub at 12:45. they took my money but there was NO FOOD AT ALL in the chafing pans and people were all sitting around inside and outside the place looking super sad. the nice gal behind the counter advised that a few things would be coming out but not everything. so i waited and out came 6 pancakes for the whole restaurant (seriously) and about a half pan of potatoes. people literally RAN to the pans. i got their first and scooped up two pancakes (my first food of the visit), which garnered pissed off looks from the people behind me. later i got like two spoonfuls of potatoes. at this point it was 1PM with still an hour in their all-you-can eat deal to go. needless to say, i got a refund and the gals behind the counter were super apologetic. but still, when you’re hungry that’s not a fun thing to hear. i should have gone to the true best vegan breakfast in LA at ‘stuff i eat’ in inglewood. there’s always next weekend. sorry, meet market – gotta step up your game. food can be good, but supplies and service are equally important.

  • $5 M Cafe?! wtfffff?!

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