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    February 24th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, mooi

    if you aren’t already excited about mooifood, a new vegan restaurant coming soon to echo park, here is another reason to be….

    on the menu mooifood will offer several homemade raw nut cheeses as an appetizer, as well as a 3 course cheese entree. after reading about how much i love dr. cow’s, stephen from mooifood sent me a selection of 7 flavors of cheese to try.

    have a look:

    jalapeno cilantro lime cashew

    mozzarella macadamia nut

    garlic paprika cashew

    fresh rosemary cashew

    fresh basil thyme herb cashew

    fresh dill sunflower seed

    chipotle pecan cashew

    every variety was exquisite, but if i had to choose a favorite it would be the garlic paprika cashew. it was so soft and spreadable and was packed with intense garlic flavor. plus, the paprika added the perfect amount of spice.

    stephen explained to me via email, “dr cow’s also only uses cashews, I have made cheese with macadamias, pine nuts & even brazil nuts as well as cashews of course too.. its fun to experiment with different things such as rosemary, sage, peppercorns, sweet paprika, ground chipotle, fresh bell pepper, fresh basil, olives etc.. limitless really..”

    limitless indeed! when i was so wowed by dr. cow’s 6 months ago, i didn’t realize that nut-based cheese could be even tastier and more inventive. don’t get me wrong, i still LOVE dr. cow’s…you just can’t really compete with fresh rosemary, can you?

    so look forward to mooifood’s restaurant opening sometime soon; i have no doubt based on the food i’ve tried that it will be excellent. until then, you can get mooifood’s vegan ice cream and ready-made raw meals at naturewell in silverlake (and i think at locali too, but don’t quote me on that).

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  • Oh this sounds AWESOME. I cannot get enough of Dr. Cows…I’m eating a couple of packages per week. Can’t wait to try this!!!

  • looks yummy. They don’t sell this in my area. so Im going to order this from vegancosmoshoppe.com

  • holy crap. please tell me they sell this online

  • I love Dr. Cow as well and these Mooifood options look incredible. Lack of vegan cheese options is no longer an issue!

    Btw, Dr.Cow uses macadamia nuts as well as cashews.

  • Not to be an a-hole or anything but Dr. Cow does use cashews, brazil nuts, and macadamia nuts. But of course that’s beside the point–hooray for more vegan cheese!

  • This looks great, I’d love to have vegan crackers-and-cheese.

  • YES, ASB & Ai.. please blame me for the incorrect info, Dr Cows has indeed been using A mix of Cashew & Brazil nut in one cheese, as well as 2 Macadamia nut cheeses.. it is MY fault not QG’s.. it has been a little while since I have had any of their cheese, I apologize for this mistake 100%.. AND Dr. Cow’s is great cheese please try it, but maybe try ours too.. heh, heh..

  • they look and sound goooooood! i’m eyeing that jalapeno cilantro lime cashew,chipotle pecan cashew, and forget it. i want them all!

  • okay wow! that is just great.

  • I want to try every single one! PLEASE make these available by mail, sir! I’m a Nor Cal girl now 🙁

  • Being a vegan just keeps gets better and better 😀

  • Any prediction on how much these will cost? I haven’t tried Dr. Cow’s yet since I can’t really afford them.

    Also, are they aged with bacteria? That’s what sounds good about Dr. Cow and one thing lacking in most vegan cheese.

  • yes Nick, we do add pro-biotics, we actually start though, by soaking the cashews first, this releases all the enzyme inhibitors making them much easier for the body to digest..

    we will have prices soon..


  • Oh my.. I’m such a sucker for nut cheeses. I love Dr. Cows and these look equally if not more delicious. Where can I purchase them at?

  • Hey Stephen, these look amazing! I live in the SF Bay Area but come to LA once a year. I’ll be staying in Echo Park for a little over a week in mid-March. Any chance in the world of your restaurant being open? Or of being able to purchase the cheeses retail? Or will you perhaps be at Expo West (the reason for my annual trip)? Thanks!

  • Hi cyndi, sorry for delayed response as I am just seeing this now.. you can message me directly at stephen@mooifood to order any of the cheeses or anything else.. if you are still in town I would gladly have them delivered or you can pick up at Naturewell

  • Mandi, they will be available at our restaurant when we open but in the mean time a few select flavors will be at Naturewell soon or you can order direct from us at stephen@mooifood.com

  • Thanks Stephen, I’ll have to check you out next year. I got home on the 19th and just checked my RSS feeds now. I am very much looking forward to trying them.

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