• VEGAN PIZZA PARTY with zpizza!!

    February 12th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, zpizza

    back in the day when i was a teenager, my friends and i used to have epic pizza parties. we’d order way more than we could eat from the nearest delivery place and stay up all night chowing on pizza, guzzling soda, and watching movies. when i turned vegan, i assumed that avenue of pleasure was forever closed off to me. i mean, i could always make own vegan pizza, but there was no way i could eat pie from my closest delivery joint.

    well now many years later, zpizza has re-opened that door. the chain has several locations all over the nation, and offers delicious vegan pizza covered with daiya cheese. recently my friend hosted a good old fashioned pizza party that reminded me of the early days…except everything was vegan, there was no movie watching, and i was drinking beer instead of soda. just have a look at the spread:

    vegan california: organic tomato sauce, daiya mozzarella, fresh rounds of tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, black olives.

    vegan greek: daiya mozzarella, red onions, greek olives, fresh rounds of tomatoes, oregano.

    vegan napoli: homemade roasted garlic sauce, daiya mozzarella, fresh rounds of tomatoes, fresh basil.

    vegan provence: organic tomato sauce, homemade roasted garlic sauce, daiya mozzarella, artichoke hearts, capers, tomatoes, fresh basil.

    vegan tuscan: roasted garlic sauce, daiya mozzarella, cremini, shiitake and button mushrooms, caramelized onions, truffle oil and thyme.

    vegan cheese pizza with daiya mozzarella

    our haul was amazing, and i can’t even believe we are at a day in age where we can get this much VEGAN PIZZA from a NATIONAL CHAIN. how FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT?! i could die happy.

    one thing to note: when ordering from zpizza, you must specify that you want vegan cheese, and ask that they leave off non-vegan ingredients. for example, a lot of these pizzas come with extra feta by default…so just be sure to read the menu description before ordering. also, zpizza offers a “berkeley vegan” pizza that isn’t always vegan. some locations are still using morningstar farms crumbles, which contain milk and egg, so be sure to ask.

    anyways, if you need some more plans for this 3 day weekend, i suggest you round up some friends and have an epic vegan zpizza party. a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

    check out zpizza’s website for all their locations.

    PS: i’d like to thank brittany from sick of lettuce for all this pizza. i am still full.


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  • the provence and the tuscan were the shit!

  • Imagine all the calories on that pizza…

  • Awe, I wish I had cool vegan friends to have a pizza party with! All my friends eat meat. πŸ™

  • @scott agreed

    @tamara bwahahahahaha

    @qg i am still full too πŸ™‚ thanks again brittnanny!

  • Jenny – mine, too! Sucks…

  • I never heard of Zpizza and it turns out that there’s one less than a mile from where I work. Gotta go there for lunch one of these days.

  • zpizza loves quarrygirl too! Great pics! πŸ˜‰

  • I love Zpizza, I’m ordering it right now! Does the Greek have any sauce at all though?

  • Next time you get the tuscan, try subbing black olives for the feta cheese. That way, you still get the same amount of toppings for your money, and the olives make up for the extra saltiness that the feta would usually add. Trust me, it’s delicious.

  • i <3 my friends.

    still had pizza in my fridge up until last night. uhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Vegan pizza delivery — I never thought I’d live to see the day.

  • They got a location in Burbank. I’m so happy. Thanks for info. I’ll try it tomorrow.

  • Thanks Quarrygirl, gonna try zpizza for the first time tomorrow!

  • gonna try a vegan pizza for the first time

  • They have been my savior living our here near San Pedro, CA. Only wish they would put the sundried tomatos back on the menu. Anyone try their Calzones yet?

  • Fuck yeah. They are awesome

  • I’ve only had vegan pizza there once. They seem to have a problem keeping Daiya in stock. I emailed them and received back a form response that didn’t even make sense in relation to my comments. It’s okay pizza, but don’t go there with your hopes up, because they’ll likely disappoint. Plus, if you could access some Daiya, you could make an equally good pizza at home for less. It’s a bit pricey for what it is and especially for how inconsistent they are.

  • If you’ve only had it once, how do you know they have a problem keeping Daiya in stock? Why would you find them inconsistent? Hmmm.

    We’ve been going to the Zpizza in Woodland Hills every few weeks ever since they got Daiya in stock and it’s always excellent. They even let us know that they still had the “old crumbles” that are vegan and would be getting a new supplier once they ran out of those, so they never got the non-vegan Morningstar crumbles in.

    Plus they’re soooo nice.

  • fuck off vegans!!

  • I went to Z Pizza again today. And again couldn’t get daiya pizza. I sent a message and I’m waiting for another kind-of-relates-to-my-message form response they will send to show how much they care.

  • Why do they call it the “Berkeley Vegan” when it’s not vegan? It comes with non-vegan pesto and apparently the veggie crumbles aren’t vegan also! What’s up with that Zpizza? Over all Thank goodness we have a place that makes and delivers vegan pizza. Let the pizza parties continue!!!

  • I just went to ZPizza in Burbank today thanks to this post! πŸ™‚ I’ve been craving pizza and this was AMAZING!! I love that you can go on line and order ahead – I ordered a variation of the Vegan Berkely but with the garlic spread rather than marinara and extra mushrooms and truffle oil (so like the Tuscan and Berkely Vegan merged.) Too bad I read Lourdes’ post above AFTER I ate the vegan/non-vegan crumbles? They said they were gardein – I’ll have to check that out. But regardless – the pizza was incredible, the staff was friendly and I’ll be going back… Dangerous!

  • Thank YOu for posting this helpful Information about β€œVEGAN PIZZA PARTY with zpizza!!”. I like it. just keep on posting. πŸ™‚

  • Keep these great post coming. I think you should post more often, you clearly have talent for blogging!

  • I love your blog. I just saw this recommended post under your most recent entry. After looking up zpizza I discovered they have a location coming soon to my area, thanks for the tip!

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