• desert rose: LA’s most vegan-friendly bar

    January 29th, 2010quarrygirldesert rose, LA restaurants

    do you like to eat vegan food? do you like to drink alcohol? if you answered yes to either of those questions, then you will love desert rose.

    vegan garlic and daiya cheese fries with fat tire beer

    conveniently located on hillhurst and prospect in los feliz, desert rose definitely meets upscale bar standards….but also boasts an impressive vegan menu and a huge selection of tap beer. with dim lighting, dark wood finished furniture, and a sweeping patio, desert rose is the perfect place to spend a casual evening or a romantic special occasion. it’s elegant, comfortable, and casual all at the same time.

    when you are seated be sure to ask your server for a vegan menu, and they’ll bring out a completely separate list of animal-free appetizers and entrees. i have tried a number of things on desert rose’s vegan menu (wraps, hummus plates, paninis), but i keep going back to the garlic cheese fries.

    garlic "cheese" fries. $7

    they’re long, thin, and crispy—coated in the perfect amount of oily garlic sauce and daiya mozzarella. seriously, these are some of my favorite fries in town…and i think they may be the only vegan garlic cheese fries available in LA. they put on just the right amount of daiya too, so the fries have a very cheesy flavor but aren’t overloaded with a gooey texture.

    the beer selection at desert rose is pretty decent too, with lots of vegan brews on tap to choose from. they’ve got erdinger, fat tire, and chimay to name a few…and during happy hour most beers are only 3 bucks.

    so hit up desert rose in los feliz next time you want to have a relaxing drinking session with tons of good vegan food. it really is the best and most vegan-friendly bar in los angeles.

    desert rose
    1700 Hillhurst Ave
    Los Feliz, CA 90027
    (323) 666-1166

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  • Shut UP! Vegan garlic cheese fries and good beer on tap? Dammit. I need that. NEED.

  • Isn’t this right next door to the all Vegan Cruzer? Pizza and drinks anyone?


  • James – yes it is, and you can buy pizza from Cruzer and take it to this bar. Freakin awesome.

  • Thank you, I will.

  • DUDE! Just the other day i was going to Cruzer Pizza , but it was closed.. I saw this place and didnt even stop to look… DOH!

  • Sass From Cruzer Pizza

    Hi everyone,

    I’m responsible for the vegan menu at Desert Rose (and Cruzer 😉 and wanted to fill you in a bit:

    You can order Cruzer pizza at Desert Rose (marked up a bit) but you cannot order take-out from Cruzer and eat at Desert Rose, sorry! The good news is: Cruzer is thinking about leveling out that concrete parking area and turning it into an outdoor seating area.

    Also, PLEASE call Desert Rose and encourage the owner: Ziad (zee-ed) to put the vegan menu back in with the regular menus- every menu! He was doing this before and there were so many non-vegetarians ordering off the vegan menu!!

    Please call him today: Ziad (323) 666-1166

    Thanks 🙂


  • James: ME ME ME! Now? 🙂

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