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    December 26th, 2009quarrygirlchili addiction, farmers market, LA restaurants

    vegan bean chili. $6.50

    the hollywood farmers market is a vegan mecca. of course we know about the amazing animal-free vendors like a taste of life (best breakfast sandwich ever) and c’est la v (killer cupcakes), but even the meat-peddling vendors like chili addiction have options to please us!

    i never thought a stand called chili addiction would be so damn vegan-friendly, but when i read a glowing blog review of their meatless options, i was inspired to check them out. sure enough, i hit them up at the farmers market and was blown away by their vegan chili! they are at the hfm every sunday, right next to the c’est la v stand on cosmo street, and offer at least one vegan selection each week.

    when i visited, they had a vegan bean chili on special that consisted of garbanzo, pinto and black beans. plus, they had a self-serve bar (if you can call it that—it was tiny!) of chopped onions and fresh jalapenos. so delish. bonus points to any restaurant or food stand that grants me unlimited access to jalapenos. just sayin. the homemade chili was amazing, oozing with full-bodied flavor and perfect seasoning. my only gripe would be that it was kinda expensive. a tiny bowl for $6.50?! just seems a bit steep.

    in typical farmers market fashion, this chili was enjoyed quickly, while standing. as you can see above, a bollard became a makeshift table for our meal. soon though, i will be able to relax and eat me some chili addiction whilst sitting at a proper table inside a permanent building. they are opening up a restaurant on la cienega within the next coupla weeks, and will be serving at least two vegan chilis at all times! i can’t wait.

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  • I had a RAW vegan chili from them once! It was awesome. I think I had the one you had too – I buy a big one sometimes and take it home to make vegan chili dogs or to put it on baked potatoes with green onions and tofutti sour cream.

  • I live about a block away from the La Cienega location that’s opening up, so I took a look at their menu. I’ll try it, but I’m skeptical.

    It doesn’t seem like they “get” what a vegetarian would want in a chili. I see a lot of tofu (which I don’t think would be good in chili at all), nuts and seeds, eggplant and zucchini, wtf???

    What’s next? A granola chili? I mean, this is all we live on, right? Seeds and whatnot. Is a bit of veggie ground too much to ask? Chili John’s in Burbank has the right idea.

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  • […] i have tried the vegan chili from chili addiction’s farmers market booth, and i can tell you it is freakin’ awesome. they have several different vegan flavors, but will probably start out slow and just offer one at a time at the restaurant. maybe if we buy a lot of vegan chili from them, they will offer more of it and even throw down some vegan chili dogs. […]

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