• chili addiction set to open this week!

    February 10th, 2010quarrygirlchili addiction, LA restaurants

    great news, vegans! the long-awaited and vegan-friendly chili addiction is finally opening to the public at noon this friday. not just that, but one of their newsletter subscribers told me they are also set to have a soft opening sometime this evening (call them for more info).

    i have tried the vegan chili from chili addiction’s farmers market booth, and i can tell you it is freakin’ awesome. they have several different vegan flavors, but will probably start out slow and just offer one at a time at the restaurant. maybe if we buy a lot of vegan chili from them, they will offer more of it and even throw down some vegan chili dogs.

    so hit up chili addiction as soon as you can and show support for the vegan offerings. i am so excited that they are finally opening!

    Chili Addiction
    408 N. La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 203-1793

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  • This is great news because I adore their vegan chili from HFM! I will definitely check them out over the weekend.

  • I am definitely going this evening. Thanks for the heads up. Are you gonna be there, QG?

  • I LOVE your new About page! You should allow comments on there.

  • Miranda Megill of Flore

    MMMMMMMMM OMG MMMMMMM! Since having the baby I dream of chili night and day 🙂 A reason to head west!

  • I can’t wait to try it! I actually talked to the owner when I passed by during their construction and he said they will have over 40 vegan options!!

  • Over 40? Yikes, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • I went and checked out Chili Addiction tonight, being just a short block away. I walked!

    The Hominy Chorizo chili sounded appealing, and I had never actually had hominy before.

    It’s a pricey place, with dinner for two costing nearly $30 (cash only, which I really hope is just temporary), but it was quickly apparent why: everything on our table (with the exception of the Mexican Cokes) was homemade. The chili, the potato chips, the *condiments*… all made from scratch. There were multiple varieties of ketchups, mustards, and hot sauces (the hot sauce they had tonight had tequila in it!) And although not vegan, it’s impressive that they care enough about the quality of their food to make their own hot dogs, sausages, corn bread, and ice cream. All of this explains the price, though whether it justifies it is up to you.

    The chili was good and spicy, I’m looking forward to other flavors that they roll out in the future. I hope they make a commitment to having at least one vegetarian chili available in the rotation on any given day; they won’t gain a loyal vegetarian customer base if people make a trip with the possibility that there might not be a chili for them that night. Keeping the website updated or using Twitter would help them a lot if their plan is do rotations.

    They’re still obviously working out the kinks. As I said, right now it’s Cash Only, and that needs to change for such an expensive place. The customer service is still in the “awkward” phase that I don’t entirely know how to describe. The guy at the counter seemed distracted and half walked away from me several times while taking my order. We sat at the window and when the food arrived we were told that the spoons and napkins were in the corner on the opposite end of the room, rather than having them arrive with the meal; that’s an odd policy when a spoon isn’t exactly an optional utensil for chili.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset, I’m just pointing out hurdles that they need to get over. I just hope they realize that the hurdles exist.

    All in all, I recommend it. Give it a try. I can’t attest to any weird flavors in the future, but experimentation has always been a part of spicy cuisine. And expect to spend some money for food that was made from care rather than offloaded from a truck.

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