• vegan holiday turkey by vinh loi tofu

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    vegan turkey by vinh loi tofu

    for the holiday season, vinh loi tofu is offering full size vegan faux turkeys, and you just have to try one! we ordered one of these for our thanksgiving celebration with my omnivorous family, and it was definitely a crowd-pleaser.

    vegan turkey by vinh loi tofu

    the vegan loaf is shaped like a real animal, with little fake legs and a hole for stuffing. it isn’t realistic enough to be gross though, if anything it made for a great conversation piece and i thought it was kinda cute. we pre-baked a batch of homemade stuffing and carefully put it inside the vinh loi turkey before heating it.

    vegan turkey by vinh loi tofu

    the turkey comes already cooked from vinh loi, but we put it in the oven for a while to heat it up. after about 40 minutes it was just right, and the outer skin was perfectly crispy. the soy meat inside was soft and juicy, and the overall flavor was amazing.

    vegan turkey by vinh loi tofu

    there were four of us, and we didn’t even finish off half of this thing. in fact, i still have tons of leftovers in the freezer. the turkey cost $49.50, and was worth every cent. it’s definitely some of the best fake meat i’ve ever had.

    call vinh loi tofu to order a delicious vegan turkey for your xmas meal. you can have a traditional holiday feast, except without the murder. oh, and they also have a vegan ham tray as well! YUM.

    vinh loi tofu
    18625 Sherman Way #101
    Reseda, CA 91335
    (818) 996-9779

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  • thats the same turkey we bought from rainbow acres, it was sooo good

  • i think thats the one we bought from wholefoods, by vegetarian plus. I thought it was awesome, but ours was almost too juicy, a little wet. i think next time i wont wrap it in tinfoil like the instructions said.

  • This is bizarre!

    I’m sure it’s great, but I’m not sure how I feel about shaping vegan food into something that represents, (more than just flavour) what we oppose. Fake meat and fake cheese I feel are fine, as theres no reason you can’t make plants into whatever texture and taste you want. But shaping it into a dead animal is strange?

  • Mmmm…Kevin has done it again! That looks delicious!

  • @Niki – as the person who cooked and cut this “turkey” I completely understand your POV. However, as a vegan for a few years, and a vegetarian for decades, I don’t really make the connection between this and real meat.

    What did have an impact for me, though, is how omnivores devoured the “bird”, not really caring that what they were eating wasn’t meat. Unlike the last time I served Tofurkey at a Thanksgiving table!

    A bird’s life was saved with our meal, and omnivores very much enjoyed the dinner. That proved a LOT!

  • This really does look virtually identical to the Vegeterian Plus Turkey at WF. Are they related?

    I loved the Celebration Roast but my gf wasn’t a big fan. I think she would enjoy this far more.

  • everyone keeps saying this looks like the whole foods turkey!! i thought kevin from vinh loi made his own, but who knows. i am gonna have to get one from whole foods and compare. it’s a rough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

  • Wowza. That looks really good.

  • That thing is CRAZY looking!

  • We had this for Thanksgiving, and it was amazing!

  • I bet the leftovers would make great sandwiches! When I ate meat, I would hardly ever eat turkey at the thanksgiving meal. However, I would always make sandwiches w/ the leftovers.

    I made a tofurkey a couple years ago for thanksgiving and it was the same thing. I ate everything but the turkey – except for a small slice to taste. The rest went for sandwiches, shepard’s pie and fajitas.

  • Don’t know if this is the same turkey, but we tried the Vegetarian Plus one and it was a total hit! My flesh-eating family just can’t get over how realistic and yummy it is! 🙂 Wish it were less expensive though :$

  • These are great– but they are kind of expensive. Also, I think it’s a little sick that it’s in the shape of a murdered animal. I mean, couldn’t they have just made it in a circle? like a cake? Oh well, either way, if it looks good and tastes good I guess it’s a better alternative.
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  • I believe that the shape shouldnt matter so much as the intent. For people that have not been vegetarians their whole life and this is a middle ground for them that can allow them to enjoy turkey without the killing of an innocent animal. plus, for me, i get nostalgic for thanksgiving, and the fact that i cant get as close to a traditional thanksgiving feast within the parameters of my diet is fantastic! plus, my entire meat eater family can enjoy with me as well!

  • I have a soft spot for vegan ham…
    Do you happen to have any pictures of the ham tray?

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