• not so fast, morningstar farms! gardein to the rescue!

    November 1st, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    recently we wrote a very sad blog post about morningstar farms which included the fact that they not only un-veganized some of their products, but discontinued our favorite vegan steak strips. yep, at the meal starters that we’ve used for years just suddenly disappeared from store shelves and from the morningstar website without explanation. total bummer.

    morningstar farms steak strips discontinued!

    morningstar farms steak strips discontinued!

    but wait! it turns out that almost the EXACT SAME PRODUCT, gardein’s beefless tips,  is available in the los angeles area…and probably at your local ralphs, in the freezer section right next to the spot that morningstar farms steak strips used to occupy.

    gardein at ralphs

    as of a few weeks ago, gardein (the leading maker of faux meats in america) launched a frozen line which included a product called “beefless tips.” it turns out that gardein is the same company that used to make the discontinued morningstar steak strips…and this new product tastes EXACTLY the same! did you hear me? the product we were mourning is still available, it is just in different packaging and has a slightly rounder shape! YES! HELL YES!

    gardein vegan beef

    when i tried the “new” gardein beefless tips, i was just beside myself. the round little faux beef balls were flavorful, chewy, and spiced ever so slightly…exactly how i remembered my old vegan steak favorite. i ate these beauties in a bowl of vegetables along with homemade tofu sauce, but they are open for interpretation.

    gardein vegan beef bowl

    los angeles vegans: next time you are at ralphs and want to grab the old familiar morningstar farms meal starters steak strips, grab for a new white gardein bag instead. the taste is the same, and this time it’s coming from an all vegan company—we can count on gardein not to get all shady and start adding egg whites to stuff.

    and hey, if you have never had morningstar farms steak strips before, that’s even more of a reason to check this stuff out! gardein is so good, it will probably get you hooked. i am placed firmly under the vegan beef spell.

    i can’t wait to put these beefless tips to use in my favorite cornish pastie recipe. 🙂

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  • I was mourning morning star now i’m not mourning morning star any more

  • Does Ralphs sell a variety of Gardein stuff?

    What about Vons?

  • I hope Gardein takes over the Crumbles, if that’s the case!

  • @marcus: ralphs does sell a variety of stuff! they have vegan buffalo wings, faux chicken stuffed with daiya, and tons of other stuff! i am not sure about vons…but ralphs definitely does.

    vegyogini: FOR REALS.

  • My little town is selling Gardein now 🙂

  • Trader Joe’s also sells Gardein “beef” and “chicken” strips under the TJ label.

  • i never ate morning star stuff. but i’m gonna eat this tips!

    i wonder what’s up with the riblets. mmmmm riblets.

  • I love the beefless tips! They go great in anything.

  • also found three other new Gardin products in the vegan section of Whole Foods 3rd & Fairfax over the weekend. A Santa Fe Chicken, BBQ skewers and shredded beef to use on sandwiches. These were the only Gardin products they carry though so you’ll still need to hop on over to Ralph’s for the others.

  • I live in Port Hueneme and am trying to find inexpensive Morningstar Farms’ products that don’t cost an arm and a let. Last Friday 11/13/09 in desperation,I picked up a package of M.S. burgers at $5.25/package!
    I think I saw this new product which isn’t a lot cheaper at Ralphs on Channel Islands Blvd. I will try TJ in Ventura next time for M.S.

  • Make your own fake meat. Less than $2 for 3 pounds. 5 minutes work, 60 minutes baking time.


  • Love these – and I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan. They taste so freaking good! I have been looking for meat alternatives since starting Weight Watchers and I gotta say these are the BEST ones out there. I like Boca Crumbles and burgers, but I LOVE these.

    They are pricey, but totally worth it. They have a good mouth feel and they are tasty as all get out.

  • Beef steak has always been my all time favorite dish and i am always looking for some new recipes that has steak as the main ingredient.`:*

  • BJ Kochendorfer

    Super Targets carry Gardein

  • I found the Beefless tips & other products at Harris Teeter in North Carolina

  • I was lmbo at the “Yes, hell yes!” I could feel the excitement through the screen lol! I tried the beefless skewers, but haven’t tried the tips yet. I’m guessing they taste fairly similar. I just tried the scallopini for the first time today and LOVE! I tried the crispy tenders first and wasn’t overly impressed so I was a bit leery of the other products. I was pleasantly surprised with the skewers and the scallopini.

  • WOW, I had no idea that Gardein made the original morning star faux meat strips!! That’s super interesting! I’d rather give my $ to gardein any day! 😀 Very cool!

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