• black garlic pizza at whole foods: a whole new world

    October 6th, 2009quarrygirlstores, whole foods

    whole foods has done it again. the prepared food section that was one of the first places in los angeles to get daiya covered pizza, hot gardein products, and basu’s homestlye masala is now wowing us again with another revolutionary product, black garlic.


    starting out as normal garlic, black garlic undergoes an intense and complicated fermentation process that makes it darker in color, sweeter to the taste, and stickier to the touch. it’s fruity and tangy, yet mild…filled with complex flavors, minus the annoying stuff that usually comes with garlic like pungent odor. that’s right, you can eat a mouth full of this delicious stuff and not walk away with bad breath. do i have your attention now?

    being a longtime garlic fan and huge pizza lover, imagine how excited i was when the folks at whole foods and black garlic invited me to the weho store to taste the new product that they are rolling out this week in their prepared food section on some daiya covered vegan pizzas! i went in with pretty high expectations, all of which were exceeded. the black garlic was incredible!


    the first type of pizza i sampled was whole foods’ special seasonal creation, the fall harvest or “deconstructed cabbage roll” pizza. this thing came covered in mozzarella and cheddar daiya, tomato sauce, shredded cabbage, green apple, black garlic and agave nectar. i’m usually not a fan of fruit on pizza at all, but this thing really blew me away. the sweetness was perfectly paired with black garlic’s subtle tangy-ness, and the 2 types of daiya added a load of rich flavor. speaking of daiya, whole foods weho really knows how to work with it on pizza…adding just the right amount for optimum melt without annoying clumpage that comes with too much cheese.


    the second pizza i tried was italian-inspired and covered in pesto sauce, mozzarella daiya, tomatoes and black garlic. this is typically the kind of pizza i would order with roasted garlic, but the black garlic gave it a much more complex and rich flavor, without overpowering the pesto.


    after trying these two pizzas and tasting some of the black garlic on its own, i’m thinking this stuff has endless possibilities. for garlic lovers, it introduces a whole new world of complex flavors….and for people who haven’t discovered the joys of garlic yet, this stuff isn’t all acrid and intimidating. on top of being delicious, black garlic is extremely healthy as well. it’s loaded up with twice as many antioxidants as raw garlic, and contains a cancer-preventing compound called S-Allycysteine!

    black garlic is available in the prepared foods section of whole foods west hollywood this week, and should be rolled out at other socal outlets over the next couple weeks. i highly suggest you get over there and try this stuff asap on a vegan pizza. it’s like nothing i’ve ever tasted. plus, whole foods pizzas are cheap as hell. for about 15 bucks, you get enough vegan pizza to feed about 5 people!

    for more info on black garlic, check out their website and follow them on twitter.

    whole foods weho
    7871 Santa Monica Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90046-5344
    (323) 848-4200

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  • when i eat too much garlic i get what i call garlic farts… will black garlic make my toots smell garlicky? just curious.

  • i apologize to my boyfriend in advance for all of the negative results of eating too much garlic. GIMME!

  • kind of looks like leeches on pizza..but i love garlic so i’ll eat it.

  • Oh, I need to try this!

  • wow, i’ve never tried black garlic! it looks creepy but the description sounds amazing… i must try!

  • how cool, can’t wait to try the black garlic with apples!

  • I’m so intrigued by black garlic! I haven’t had the WF Daiya pizzas yet, so this just might be the reason to get over there soon.

  • wow! that definitely got my attention! Look at their website in the twitter area you are on there!

  • how neat! i can’t believe i’d never heard of it!

  • Black garlic with pizza greatest invention in food history


  • i thought it was strange that you would praise them so, now it makes sense. these invites sound more like payoffs for positive and rave reviews. bring on the defensive replies, i’m ready.

  • damn! I’ll have to look out for black garlic.

  • @anna: eh, i could see why you may think that at first glance. however, i get offered free stuff all the time and i don’t always blog about it. this garlic was amazing and special though…so it deserved a good post. plus, i think i got about $10 of free food and disclosed it in the blog entry.

    btw i am filthy fucking rich, and we run this site for fun…so there is no need to accept payoffs. in fact, i’ve never earned a damn cent from this blog.

    black garlic FTW! 🙂

  • I am gonna try this tomorrow! I loved it when they had the indian pizza.

  • dear god,
    that is one crazy whole foods, and i know em too well. you are lucky to be near a store that is not only vegan-friendly but vegan-innovative.


  • I like garlic, but looking at that stuff is kinda weirding me out.

  • ROTFLMAO!!!! Anna Anna! Thank you instigating the funniest fucking response I’ve ever read!

  • Hahahaha I agree. Anna got taught.

  • @Anna,

    I can personally vouch for QG et al, they won’t pull punches about how they feel, and they would tell you if they were getting any kickbacks, etc.

    Just look at their site, no annoying advertising, paid links or other garbage.

    But just to ease your mind a bit more, here’s an article from the NY Times about the FTC starting to require bloggers to disclose freebies, kickbacks, etc.


    Go QG!

    Mr. W

  • “i’m filthy fucking rich bitch”! classic QG

  • @Anna Anna – as co-conspirator on this blog I can confirm it has, and always will be, a time-sucking money pit that’s never had a cent of revenue coming in the door. I should get a life.

  • I’ve finally been to the Pasadena Arroyo Whole Foods and they have vegan pizzas, vegan sandwiches/deli items and everything. I haven’t tried a WF vegan pizza over there yet but I have plans to try one soon. I hope it’s as good as the vegan pineapple pizza from Glendale Cruzer, which is so good.

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