• vegan oktoberfest with hot knives this weekend!

    October 1st, 2009quarrygirlvegan events

    los angeles vegans, you need to drop whatever you are doing on sunday and get over to the verdugo bar because our favorite catering duo hot knives is taking over the patio again with another epic feast.


    we attended both hot knives events at the verdugo in august, and i can honestly say they served some of the best food that i’ve ever eaten. not just that, but the music was good, the patio was relaxing, and the beer was tasty.

    this weekend hot knives are coming back to host an “over the oktoberfest” celebration that will feature an arm wrestling competition and vegan german grub. the plan for the menu is vegan soaked in Rausch beer for smokey brats, with veeg sides to choose from. you would be insane to miss this. seriously, how often do we herbivores get to take part in the oktoberfest fun?


    here is the press release and more info incase you wanna get involved in the arm wrestling competition:

    On Sunday, Oct. 4, Verdugo bar will host ‘Over the Top Oktoberfest,’ featuring an arm wrestling tournament with both men’s and women’s heats, veggie German grub from beer blogging cooks Hot Knives, and a round of autobahn disco DJ sets. Entrance is free. Bring cash for food.

    To boot, Verdugo’s rotating taps now boast real Berliner Weisse beers that can be spiffed up with genuine woodruff and raspberry syrups as well as Craftsman’s Oktoberfest.

    ‘Over the Top Oktoberfest’ arm wrestling, brought to you by the warped mind(s) at Me & Potatoes, will engage competitors in a friendly contest on the Verdugo’s awesome back patio for prizes and bragging rights. All skill levels, and weights, welcome! But be warned: Judges will be applying official rules from the American Armsport Association. Contestants must register now by E-mailing meandpotatoes@gmail.com.

    From the patio grill, Hot Knives will spew veggie beer brats, various flavors of homemade, barrel-fermented sauerkraut, kartoffel salad, and Hefeweizen popsicles (of course). For inspiration, DJ Dusseldork and friends – DJ Wonder von Popsicle and Mahssa (B Music) – will engineer pure German precision on the dance floor.

    see you guys there!

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  • We are going for sure!!! Well provided I remember this is going on Sunday morning when I wake up!

  • We did not recognize a single ?vegan? there, but the woman’s arm wrestling was fantastic! They ran out of brats, too!!!! The bar is great, the hipster clone army was a trip! (j/k)

  • I went to this and it was awesome!

  • was i the only one disappointed on the food? i mean, it wasn’t horrible, but i coulda just went by whole foods and grabbed a package of tofurkey dogs. meh. definitely some good beers this round which made my day.

  • was everyone vegan there?

  • the brats were just so-so, but the saurkraut and popsicles were deeeeeelicious. i can’t wait for them to do another event!

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