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    July 15th, 2009quarrygirlcinnamon, LA restaurants

    next time you are looking for a big hearty mexican meal that’s not laced with lard and filled with chicken stock, look no further than highland park. head over to cinnamon vegetarian, a completely meat-free mexican restaurant where nearly everything on the menu can be made vegan.

    mushroom cocktail: mushrooms, tomato, cilantro and cucumber. $6.25

    mushroom cocktail: mushrooms, tomato, cilantro and cucumber. $6.25

    we hadn’t been to cinnamon in nearly a year, but when we hit up the modest eatery over the weekend, we were blown away by how good everything was—i don’t know why it took me so long to go back! we started with the mushroom cocktail (pictured above), which was a glass filled with a thick tomato-y liquid, spices and chopped vegetables. everything was fresh, chunky, and all around delicious. i would recommend this as an appetizer if you are looking for something light. alternatively, if you wanna go all out, they also have a selection of vegan empanadas and flautas.

    2 tacos: 1 chorizo, 1 tofu. $4.75

    2 tacos: 1 chorizo, 1 tofu. $4.75

    for my entree, even though it’s on the appetizer menu, i ordered tacos…one vegan chorizo, and one tofu. these tacos were absolutely enormous and incredible. stuffed with soy meat and tofu, and completely overflowing with greens, cabbage, and creamy guacamole. the tofu taco was my favorite, because the tofu was lightly covered in a delicious pesto-y flavor sauce. it was green, spicy, and insanely delicious. don’t be fooled by the small price tag, these tacos were massive and definitely enough to make a meal for one.


    my husband ordered the garden salad with tofu, which was a huge plate of dark mixed greens, fresh vegetables, and the same wonderfully marinated tofu that was in my taco. i was a little skeptical when he ordered a “garden” salad at a mexican restaurant…i was expecting it to be low-grade ice berg lettuce with a couple tomato chunks. instead he got a huge appetizing dish with fresh ingredients and mounds of protein. it actually made me kinda jealous.

    garden salad with tofu: lettuce, cucumber, carrot, red onions, beet and alfalfa. with tahini dressing. $8.20

    garden salad with tofu: lettuce, cucumber, carrot, red onions, beet and alfalfa. with tahini dressing. $8.20

    overall, everything we ordered at cinnamon was top notch and very tasty. i give this place an a+ and suggest you check it out asap. supposedly almost anything can be made vegan, but you may wanna ask to see ingredient labels for the vegan cheese and soy chicken. just sayin…i haven’t tried it.


    5511 North Figueroa St.
    Highland Park, CA 90042
    Monday, Wednesday & Thursday | 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM
    Tuesday | Closed
    Friday & Saturday | 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    Sunday | 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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  • the posole is the best!!!!!

  • i have yet to go to this place. the one time i tried it was closed, even though according to the business hours, it should have been open. i wanna try the mole!

  • What’s that tofu coated in? Looks green n beautiful!

  • Nora: was yummy vegan pesto. Very green n very beautiful!

  • I LUV this place! I wish it wasn’t so far I would eat there every week. Fresh, light, and delicious Mexican food.

  • We love Cinnamon! Our fav items: guacamole, california tofu (covered in the same yummy pesto sauce), veg tamales, empanadas … and the owner is SO sweet and happy to be serving healthy food. She also makes an amazing cashew-based raw pumpkin pie.

  • If you are into soups, try their Barley Soup. Like so many of their dishes, it tastes like … well, love. 🙂 The Chicken Mole is incredible. I remember the days when I would walk into an empty restaurant. No more. Thanks to great reviews like this, the people are coming in and returning. It’s a great little place and the people are very, very nice. 🙂

  • My boyfriend and I hit up Cinnamon yesterday evening after a failed attempt to get vegan BBQ at the Verdugo Bar. The food was delicious! I got the vegetable enchiladas with green sauce and he had the chicken fajitas on corn tortillas (I have to admit the fajitas were the best I’ve ever had & I wish I had ordered them).

    The best part of the night, however, was our stop at the Whole Foods on National on our way home, when I found Daiya cheese for sale!!!! Whole Foods packages it in plastic containers and sells it by weight. I don’t know how often or which locations do this, but it completely made up for the earlier failure.

  • Just tried this place today for the 1st time and it was very disappointing. I had the chicken mole which consisted of 3 of those little “drum sticks” smothered in a sauce that in no way reminded me of “mole.” It was SUPER cinamony. Tasted as if someone had boiled a bag of those “Red Hots” candies. The brown rice was inedible; it may have actually been rancid. The little side salad wasn’t so hot, either. For $11, I was expecting something much larger and certainly better. The empanadas were tasty. The nacho plate was also pretty bad. The guac wasn’t very good, the cheese wasn’t melted, the chips are really awful bagged 99 cent store quality chips. My girlfriend got the chicken en salsa, which was better than mine, but not great by any long shot. Her “spanish rice” was definitely ricearoni or a similar product. The tortillas don’t come in a steamer so they get hard while they’re on the table. The place wasn’t very busy and the servers were terribly disorganized. Seems we’re really in the minority as everyone here and on Yelp rave about this place. Maybe it was an off day? Either way, I won’t be giving it a second shot.

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