• $1 vegan tacos! monday nights at malo in silverlake!

    April 15th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, malo

    every monday, malo in silverlake serves $1 tacos all night and offers three different vegan options! i first read about the vegan-friendly taco nights on LAist about 6 months ago, and i don’t know why it took me so long to get my ass over there. i was really missing out!

    soyrizo soft tacos w/ onion and cilantro, hard shell eggplant & potato taco w/ guacamole (no sour cream) $1 each

    soyrizo soft tacos w/ onion and cilantro, hard shell eggplant & potato taco w/ guacamole (no sour cream) $1 each

    i finally hit up malo on monday and was happy to see that of the 5 $1 taco options, 2 were already vegan and 1 could be made vegan by omitting sour cream. the vegan selections included a hard shell eggplant and potato taco with guacamole (hold the sour cream), a grilled and marinated vegetable soft taco, and a soyrizo soft taco with onions and cilantro. you can check out the menu here. i skipped the vegetable taco because it came full of bell peppers (which i hate) and went for 2 soyrizos and 1 potato and eggplant. seriously, i don’t think i’ve ever eaten so well for 3 bucks!

    the hard shell potato & eggplant was beyond delicious. it came rolled up in a fried shell with squishy warm insides and a dollop of creamy guacamole (malo’s guac is AMAZING). the soyrizo tacos were a little lighter and just as awesome. spicy fake meat topped off with crispy onions and fresh cilantro. i love the way they cook up the soyrizo at malo, it was super hot and bright orange…someone definitely has some skillz back there in the kitchen. the whole plate came with a radish garnish and extremely tasty hot sauce. damn good all the way around.

    so vegans, i implore you to head to malo on a monday for $1 taco night as soon as you get a chance. don’t do what i did and wait around for 6 months. it’s a recession, people. take advantage of this shit.


    4326 W Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles CA 90029
    (323) 664-1011

    $1 taco night! mondays 5pm-10pm

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  • ugh, i totally hate this place and had the worst restaurant experience i’ve ever had here. but now i’m tempted to go back!

  • Thanks for the cheap taco news! I love Malo.

  • was it overly crowded?

  • xscottx: i was able to find a seat and i went at around 6:30. i have a feeling it fills up though.

    brittany: what happened?!?!?!?

    trina: anytime!

  • Slap me silly and don’t for the Alamo!!! Tacos!!!!

  • **argh… thats, “…don’t forget the Alamo!!!”

  • This is good to know… I used to like Malo, until I just got fed up with how expensive it is for basic things like tacos and salsa. But $1 per taco?? Can’t beat that!

  • qg – went there for a birthday party. they waited an hour before taking anyone’s order, then it took them another HOUR AND A HALF to bring it out. and it was overpriced. obviously $1 tacos aren’t, but still.

  • Oooh, I want $1 vegan tacos!

  • I second Kirby–I can’t stand Mexican places that make you pay for chips and salsa but especially at Malo where they charge you four bucks for a little thimble of salsa!!! But the mojitos there are sooooo good its worth it. Too bad cinco de mayo isn’t on a monday this year! One dollar vegan tacos = awesome.

  • haha awesome memory on that one! I totally forgot about that LAist post!

  • Yeah I checked it out shortly after the LAist post.
    Tacos were good, but I think I would have had to eat like 5 of them to get full.

    I do like their jukebox a lot. For one it was only a quarter a song, instead of all these 3 for $1 places, and they had some really good albums on there

  • I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog! Hubs and I are trying to eat vegan Buddhist way: no garlic, no onions several times a month. We love tacos so this is the perfect place!

  • losingdaybyday

    i have been looking for some vegan and veggie tacos….there is a place in dc called soulveg and i love there tacos and i have no doubt that when i go here next monday i know that i will love these as well.

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