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    UPDATE 9/17: as of sunday 9/20, THE VEGAN BRUNCH IS BACK!!! please go support flore cafe! we don’t want to see this brunch go away again!

    UPDATE: unfortunately, due to slow business, the all-you-can-eat vegan brunch at flore cafe has been discontinued. you should still get over there ASAP though, as most of the brunch items are available on their menu.

    so if you read this blog, you are probably already aware of the fact that a vegetarian restaurant called flore cafe now occupies the former space of the best vegan eatery in town (the vegan spot) and has recently started offering an awesome all-you-can-eat vegan brunch every sunday from 10am to 3pm for just 10 bucks. that’s right, probably the best vegan brunch deal ever conceived of, flore cafe provides quality vegan food in cafeteria-sized trays every week for a fixed price, and you can go up and get as many servings as you like. total recipe for over-indulgence disaster.

    however this weekend, flore cafe started offering a different menu for the all you can eat brunch. today the tofu scramble and waffles were replaced with vegetable frittata and grilled “chicken” patties. both dishes were tasty, no doubt…but i can’t lie, i REALLY missed the tofu scramble.

    flore cafe all you can eat vegan brunch. french toast, vegan bacon, vegetarian frittata and "chicken" patties. $10

    flore cafe all you can eat vegan brunch. french toast, vegan bacon, vegetarian frittata and "chicken" patties. $10

    the vegan menu this weekend consisted of french toast with berry compote, vegetable frittata, veggie bacon, grilled “chicken” patties, roasted breakfast potatoes, bread & jam along with coffee & orange juice. the french toast was delicious (as usual) and the new berry compote really added and extra wow factor, if you enjoy eating sweets for breakfast. i’d say this was the highlight of the meal, along with the “chicken” patties which are pictured above to the top left and below in the bottom center.

    flore cafe vegan all you can eat brunch for $10

    flore cafe vegan all you can eat brunch for $10

    the “chicken” patties didn’t really taste like chicken at all, but thick seitany sausages instead. they were absolutely delicious, albeit a bit cold, and i seriously couldn’t stop going back for more. the vegetarian frittata was a bit bland and, like the breakfast potatoes, full of bell peppers…which i HATE. ๐Ÿ™ bell peppers aside, the frittata just wasn’t as good as flore cafe’s tofu scramble. i don’t think i would ever spoon the frittata onto my plate again as long as other stuff was available, i’d rather just fill up on the awesome bacon and “chicken” patties.

    i don’t know if this menu change is permanent for the all-you-can-eat sunday brunch at flore cafe, or if they were just trying out some new things. what i do know though, is i didn’t like it quite as much as the old menu that i’m used to. the seitan “chicken” patties and fruit compote were delicious, but they didn’t fill the hole that was left by the absence of the tofu scramble.

    still though, in the end it is unlimited awesome vegan food at a fixed price and you just can’t beat that. if you haven’t been, definitely head out to flore cafe and get the sunday brunch as soon as you can. maybe put in a good word to your server about the tofu scramble if you are lucky enough to get it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ believe you me, it’s the best thing they offer.

    Flore Cafe
    3206 W. Sunset Blvd.
    @ Descanso in Silver Lake

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  • Harrumph. We were trying to decide where to eat today and considered going here for a good while – before settling on the other Flore because it was (like 2 blocks) closer and we were hungry on bikes. Darn!!! Oh well, maybe next week the scramble will be back!

  • yeah, the scramble was better. just a better texture and flavor.

  • I went too-nothing better than all you can eat vegan!!! I totally agree with you about the frittata being bland–it was lacking the usual copious amounts of dill they put in the one at Flore. Also you are so right about those chicken patties–they tasted nothing like chicken and were def more sausage-y but were ohh soo good. Their bacon is so funky–odd looking and kind of tough–but I love it! Must have missed you, maybe i’ll run into you next time!

  • I’ll make it there one of these Sundays and I’ve learned my lesson that I’d better go soon before it’s no longer offered! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I almost went yesterday after a trip to Locali, but I wasn’t hungry.

    Bummer about the tofu scramble; I hope Flore Cafe reads your post and brings it back.

  • I was at Flore on Saturday!

  • I agree with Miss Anthrope. The tofu scramble beats the frittata anyday. No vegan restuarant in Los Angeles has a better vegan bacon than flores cafe. I didn’t like the sausage patty. It needs a little bit more “SAGE” in the “SAU”. ..This was my second visit and I think I will be eating here at least 2 Sundays a month. I was blessed to be in the company of my newly favorite bloggers in the whole wide web, Miss Ant and Mr. Meaner. Even though Mr. Meaner ganked my parking space(early Sunday morning parking sucks ass on that side of sunset).I guess I should share this story. You want to here it? May be not, but here it goes.

    I was driving like I was leaving Sunday church service, looking for a spot to park for approx. 10 minutes, when a car finally pulled off on the side street right after Flores Cafe. I was heading west on Sunset when I spotted it. So I had to flip a bitch to snag it. My intuitions told me to hurry up but my ego told me “You got it”. So I drove up sunset a lil bit to make a legal U turn (trying to be a good samaritan). As soon as I got in the turning lane. I seen a mini cooper (lil fast f@#king cars), flashing pass me and whippin’ the corner. I said to my wifey “I hope that car isn’t ganking our spot!” It took me, what seemed like 5 minutes to bust a U. Lo and behold, when I made a right the mini cooper was taking the spot I had been working to get for approx. 15 minutes. I started to get a lil bitter until I saw two familiar faces rushing up out of their little red rocket. It was my vegan gangsta bloggers, on there way to do a job like 2 protagonists from one of your favorite graphic novels. Long story short…. I had a good time stuffin’ me belly and talking veganism with the dynamic duo! So “Word UP” to Flores CAfe and Miss Ant and Mr. Meanie.

  • I went this weekend and tore that SHIT UP! My favorite thing was definitely the French toast… I downed three slices! I agree that the frittata is sort of give-or-take. And I couldn’t get over how much I liked the bacon… it was so weird, but I still really liked it! I think it’s because it tasted sort of like jerky, and I haven’t eaten jerky since I was like 5. Maybe I was having a food flashback.

  • I want frittata and chicken patties! I love that they’re changing things up to keep it interesting.

  • The bacon definitely taste like jerky. That made me love it even more.

  • I went recently, I think 2 weeks ago, so not the same menu as this one. Probably didn’t help that I went kind of late (early afternoon), but I thought the food overall was not that good (and could have been kept warmer too). The tofu scramble was not delicious at all – it’s bland and the tofu is too hard. Potatoes needed salt and some were cooked more than others (I’d like them a little more burned too, but maybe that’s just me). Their bacon looks really weird. I was too afraid to eat it.

    The french toast that week was tough, too thick, and not that good (even when I got a fresh out of the kitchen one). The waffles were pretty good, but not warm enough, and not as good as when they’re fresh.

    Fatty’s in Eagle Rock had the best vegan french toast I’ve had (made with cashews and vanilla bean). Real Food Daily’s wasn’t that bad either.

    It’s too bad that they don’t serve off the menu when the buffet is going on, because I hate buffets.

  • No more all you can eat brunch at Flore Cafe. ๐Ÿ™ I went to try it this week, and they said it hadn’t been popular for the last two months so last Sunday was the last day for it. I got Tofu Benediction with tempeh bacon on the side, which was good, but I like the vegan benedict at M Cafe better.

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