• flore cafe: all you can eat vegan brunch every sunday for just $10!

    February 22nd, 2009quarrygirlflore cafe (closed), LA restaurants

    UPDATE 9/17: as of sunday 9/20, THE VEGAN BRUNCH IS BACK!!! please go support flore cafe! we don’t want to see this brunch go away again!

    UPDATE: unfortunately, due to slow business, the all-you-can-eat vegan brunch at flore cafe has been discontinued. you should still get over there ASAP though, as most of the brunch items are available on their menu.

    in breaking los angeles vegan news, flore cafe in silverlake is now offering an all you can eat vegan brunch for just ten bucks every sunday from 10am to 3pm. they kicked it off today with an epic breakfast feast, and i was there to enjoy it.

    flore cafe all you can eat vegan brunch for $10. pictured is the french toast, tofu scramble and vegan bacon.

    flore cafe all you can eat vegan brunch for $10. pictured is the french toast, tofu scramble and vegan bacon.

    flore cafe has sparked a bit of controversy on this site in the past, mainly because it occupies the same space as our all-time favorite restaurant, the vegan spot, which no longer exists. the only major grouse i’ve had with flore cafe in months prior is in regards to its decision to sell eggs in what used to be an entirely vegan restaurant…and also it’s owned by the same person who owns flore, an entirely vegan restaurant down the street. well, that issue doesn’t even come into play for the sunday brunch. everything offered is 100% vegan, and there wasn’t a single egg or blob of cream cheese in sight. pure, animal-free, sweet & savory goodness.

    my husband and i showed up mid-morning, and the place was already buzzin’ with people. we piled our plates high with tofu scramble, french toast and breakfast potatoes…and even ended up going back for seconds! the orange juice and coffee were flowing like water, and we didn’t want for anything. tons of our friends went throughout the day, and all of them said the crowd was hoppin’ and the food was excellent.

    two vegans get their fill of breakfast, orange juice, and coffee on sunday morning.

    two vegans get their fill of breakfast, orange juice, and coffee on sunday morning.

    i could really get used to a totally vegan all you can eat brunch in los angeles. flore cafe has stepped it up a notch and everyone should check out this sunday meal.

    while i still miss the vegan spot more than ever, it’s great that flore cafe has decided to leave out the eggs and offer a cruelty-free brunch for us los angeles vegans. go and eat it up!

    today the many brunch offerings included:
    tofu scramble, french toast, waffles, potatoes, fresh fruit, bread & jam, coffee and orange juice.

    all you can eat! vegan brunch! flore cafe! sunset blvd. and descanso! yeah!

    all you can eat! vegan brunch! flore cafe! sunset blvd. and descanso! yeah!

    check out the trays and trays of food, lined up right next to the health code department grade A on the window. flore cafe did raise a question today though (and lex of vegan-la also noticed) when they didn’t provide new, clean plates for each trip up to the buffet line. that could result in contamination and raise some eyebrows with the health inspector. i myself, go with the flow, though. that didn’t stop me!

    i filled my plate with the mainly the tofu scramble and vegan bacon, both of which were out of this world! i’ve written about flore cafe’s tofu scramble before, and this stuff was just as good. the chunks of tofu were thick, not all mushed up like in most scrambles, and it came with a generous helping of spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. the vegan bacon was really small and crispy, and had an absolutely delicious smokey taste. the fact that you can take all you want of this for ten bucks is total highway robbery.

    i also got a slice of flore cafe’s french toast. i’ve never had any kind of vegan french toast before, but i can tell you this was better than the real thing. there was a thin slice of really nicely fried bread beneath an absolutely delicious cinnamon batter. i topped it all off with some maple syrup…total perfect decadence!

    i asked for a vegan twinkie when i purchased my plate, but the dude behind the counter told me that they no longer stock them. total bummer. so no more vegan spot, no more vegan twinkies. wtf! i’m just so glad that flore cafe came up with the all you can eat brunch…it’s definitely something that will keep me coming back for more, no matter how disappointed i may be when my favorite stuff drops off the menu. and for all you twinkie stalkers, i hear from sources that they are available at native foods.

    bottom line is, los angeles vegans, the flore cafe brunch is truly incredible! head over there on sundays from 10am to 3pm to get your share of all-you-can-eat 100% vegan awesomeness. you won’t be sorry, and the food is fuckin’ great.

    flore cafe
    3206 w. sunset blvd.
    los angeles ca 90026
    all you can eat sunday vegan brunch. 10am to 3pm, ten bucks per person!

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  • That french toast looks and sounds like it might walk circles around the vegan version at Follow Your Heart. I sense I’m going to have to investigate 🙂

    Great to hear their first run at this all-you-can eat brunch was a hopping success!

  • The food was of good quality. I’m a big fan of Buffets when clean plates are provided for each run. Its nice to get a waffle / french toast / scramble / potatoes, etc rather for $10 vs getting ONE of those items for $14 at RFD or MCafe.

  • That is awesome! I just wish SF had decent brunch. wtf?!

  • Vegan french toast and bacon, yum!

  • how much is it per person?

  • brunch was great , what time did you go?

  • We must have just missed you since we sat at that exact same table! I have to agree w/Lex on the clean plate thing, but it certainly didn’t stop me from going back for more french toast and veggie bacon! We also saw another orange hat wearing vegan blog couple when we were there, so they might have a review up as well…

  • Vegan french toast??? I’ve got to make plans to head out to this soon. Wow!

  • Thanks for the tip on this one, quarrygirl. Going to brunch was pretty much the only reason I got up on Sunday. Great price for a bunch of food and coffee and orange juice. The french toast and veggie bacon were definitely highlights. We’ll definitely be going back…

    Kevin-I thought we saw you guys there, next time say hi 🙂

    Vegan blogger meetup..every sunday…haha

  • So, see you there next Sunday? =D

  • Hey there! This is the vegan Mama from Purgatory!! Thanks so much for featuring our family in your yummy friday night blog! We had a blast meeting you both! We just left the flore brunch.. yummy yummy yummy!!

    I’m a sucker for scrambled tofu.. and it was right on point!! The french toast… divine… that “bacon” kinda burnt and delicious>>> just how I like it!! Anyway.. Love to love ya.. keep em coming! We are on the tour bus and you two are our guides!! Where to next?? Cheers! Kelli, Awk, and the lil vegan family crew!!

  • wow! this is amazing and right around the corner from my house! I’ll definitely be there Sunday, make it part of my movie and brunch day.

  • Do they still have the all you can eat buffett weekend brunch? I called them today and the guy (who seemed a bit confused) said NO! I’ve never been and wanted to treat my mom there this weekend. please let me know if otherwise. thanks

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