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    December 12th, 2008quarrygirlcafe muse, LA restaurants

    as of yesterday, there’s one more reason to love cafe muse in hollywood. not only do they have breakfast daily, a great vegan selection of wraps, delicious sandwiches and huge, hearty build-your-own salads; but now they sell no whey VEGAN CUPCAKES! i don’t know of anywhere else in hollywood i can get vegan cupcakes, and this place happens to be like 5 feet from my work. 

    chocolate and vanilla vegan cupcakes. $3.25 each.

    chocolate and vanilla vegan cupcakes. $3.25 each.

    cafe muse sells both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and both flavors are out of this world. i bought one for my omnivorous friend, and she just couldn’t believe they were vegan. she said the actual cake bit tasted way better than any she’d ever tried before, and the frosting was just as rich and creamy as on other cupcakes.

    i would have to agree with her. these cupcakes were just as good as the ones i used to get from leda’s bakeshop in the valley, which has closed to the public and is only taking special orders. it’s so great to have top notch vegan cupcakes again, and right here in hollywood!

    no whey, the vegan baking company that makes these cupcakes, is owned by jenn shaggy, the maker of the famous los angeles vegan twinkies. her twinkies have gained a lot of local press, and i can say her cupcakes are just as good.

    so hollywood vegans, rejoice! cafe muse has super awesome vegan cupcakes. go check out this cafe if you haven’t already. they have a ton of great food and now some really tasty desserts.

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  • Those looks so beautiful! I keep wanting to check out Cafe Muse and always forget about it- I guess this is one more reason to remember 🙂

    They’ve got super awesome delicious vegan cupcakes at Flore too, dunno if those are by No Whey as well. If Miss Shaggy is reading this perhaps she can verify for us. I’m gonna go hunt down a cupcake now…

  • Ms. Shaggy is indeed reading, and does not bake the cupcakes for Flore. I have a chocolate one lying around if you’re in the hood. West of the 405, that is.

    Cafe Muse rocks. Free Wi-Fi. Comfy seating. Design your own vegan salads. A++.

  • Woo, JennShaggy rocks! I’ve only had her Twinkies, but they were the bomb.

  • I wish Cafe Muse would go vegan, I always get so confused in there as to what is vegan!

  • I thinking I’m going to swing by Muse tonight and grab one, lol

  • Wow, what gorgeous cupcakes!

  • Cafe Muse doesn’t carry these anymore. The bakery they used to get these from shut down.

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