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    October 11th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, scoops

    i know, i know, i know. i go to pure luck like every freakin’ day, and it’s taken me this long to finally walk across the street and try scoops…a legendary ice cream and gelato shop known for its rotating vegan selection and strange array of flavors. when i visited, the vegan flavors weren’t that weird at all, so i settled on a whopping scoop consisting of half mint-oreo and half chocolate-peanut butter. oh man oh man oh man. this ice cream lived up to the hype. i’m kinda bummed i tried it, because now i know i won’t be able to resist it ever again, even after downing a whole plate of potato pals from pure luck.

    1 massive scoop of mint-oreo and chocolate-peanut butter vegan ice cream. around $2

    1 massive scoop of mint-oreo and chocolate-peanut butter vegan ice cream. around $2

    how they make this so creamy and so vegan, i have no idea. all i know is that this the best ice cream i’ve ever had. and i am someone who loves vegan ice cream. i’ve been known to go to london and stand outside of harrods in the blowing wind and pouring rain eating a frozen bowl of whatever vegan ice cream they have on deck, because i wouldn’t want to leave for home without trying it. luckily for me, though, harrods is 5,000 miles away. scoops is only like 4. that’s why i have been resisting it. ’cause i’m afraid now that i’m hooked. i mean, just look at this stuff. my sweet tooth doesn’t stand a chance.

    the staff at scoops are super friendly, and will let you sample anything you want. for us vegans, that means we can try out 4 different flavors before deciding on which one to have. oh, and it’s CASH ONLY. so make sure you have enough. you can get more ice cream than you could ever eat for five bucks.

    scoops storefront

    scoops storefront

    scoops' modest interior

    scoops' modest interior

    oh and while you are hanging out around hel-mel, don’t forget to stop by pure luck and get some food and beer. with scoops right across the street, i don’t think i will visit one without hitting up the other ever again.

    vegan heaven

    vegan heaven

    so definitely get over to scoops as soon as you can. the portions are huge, the prices are low and the ice cream is delicious. mind you, i only got ONE scoop and what they gave me was huge and contained two flavors. we need more places like scoops, for sure.

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  • Probably the best vegan yum LA has to offer! I was there Wed night and had the same flavors, lol.

  • I’d say Scoops is the best vegan ice cream I’ve tried, too. I love how innovative the flavors are and how fabulous is it to get 2 scoops of 2 different flavors and have it be considered 1 scoop?

  • I luvvv the mint oreo. Another awesome (yet terrible) thing about Scoops is that you can pay $1.75 for a refill–even if you get the gigantic biggest container!

  • Your first time at Scoops? How have you resisted all this time?

    Today I too not only ate a full plate of the potato pals across the street, but I also had the luscious chocolate-peanut butter ice cream at scoops, though for my 2nd flavor I had the strawberry and balsamic vinegar. Both amazing.

  • I’m so jealous! Looks divine.

  • I agree, it’s the best vegan ice cream/gelato/whatever around. I’ve tried them all and Tai Kim reigns supreme. I usually get a scoop of every vegan flavor in the case, when I am in L.A.

  • Does this mean they quit using lard in the the white icing in Oreos?

  • I don’t think they use lard, they use shortening

  • I seem to remember that oreos had tallow (rendered cow or sheep fat) in them at one time, but they have now changed that to hydrogenated vegetable oil.

  • their are plenty of oreo sandwich type cookies that have non-animal derived frosting. they may very well be using these vegan brand cookies from Whole Foods market.

  • I had a meeting near Santa Monica and Sunset today, so I drove down to Heliotrope and tried out Scoops. Street parking was not allowed till 2pm (I was there well before 2pm) so I actually ended up parking behind Pure Luck, though I didn’t have time to go into PL.

    The vegan ice-cream at Scoops was really good, I’ll be going back for sure. I tried a salty caramel flavor, but ended up ordering the vegan oreo-cookie one. They also had a vegan berry flavor available.

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