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    February 13th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, scoops

    salty chocolate from scoops. $2.75

    as you probably know, scoops is a small gelato shop in los angeles that always has 3 vegan offerings on deck. they are notorious for their wacky flavor combos like banana avocado, basil, and brown bread. but the thing is, you never know which flavors are going to be available. i have been hearing good things about their “salty chocolate” for ages, and never had a chance to try it until today. i can safely say the odd-sounding combo did not disappoint…it was the perfect amount of sweetness followed up with a nice salty finish. my only complaint is that it made me very thirsty.

    have you been to scoops? what is your favorite flavor? i wish they would join twitter and keep us updated with the gelato of the day….

    712 N Heliotrope Dr
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
    (323) 906-2649

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  • pistachio rosewater FTW!

  • I really like Scoops, however, i wish maple ______ (insert chip or oreo or whatever) wasn’t always one of the vegan options when I go. I am in support of the idea of them using a twitter!

  • Without any reservation, the answer is Peanut Butter & Coconut. But they don’t make it often. 🙁

  • Salty chocolate or maple peanut butter! Plain peanut butter also rocks my socks!

  • jim beam and coffee…mmmmmm…. 🙂

  • salty chocolate, creamcheese/oreo, hazelnut


  • white chocolate nutmeg FOR LIFE!!!!!

    I always think the salty chocolate tastes just like regular chocolate. but whatevs, I’m always down!

    I’ll also happily shove any of their oreo concoctions (pb oreo, banana oreo, caramel oreo, etc) into my fave any day.

  • To pick one is virtually impossible. They all taste great!

  • It’s a sorbet, but the Riesling Pear is off the hook!

  • as a person who always asks for a dish of sea salt when ordering desserts (omg on madeleine’s chocolate souffle), my vote absolutely goes to salted chocolate.

  • I love ice-cream, how have I not been to this place yet? Will be making a trip soon 😀

  • Lemon Basil. They did that once and it was fucking great. Now, they just do the same tired shit all the time. Salty Chocolate (Nice, but not all the fucking time), Cream cheese Oreo (Again nice, but not all the time.

    Too many dull flavors and not enough sharp ones.

  • raspberry balsamic, or chocolate jim beam! the salty chocolate is f’in incredible too though.

  • Chocolate and salt are a classic cheffy combo. If you use choc in cooking try it. Really works. I could eat buckets of this stuff I reckon.

  • scoops needs to do sesame ice cream since shojin dropped the ball.

  • Banana Oreo ALL the way… with a scoop on salty-choco on the side. YUM!

  • Vanilla nutmeg!
    Also, I wish they would have more vegan variety on a day-to-day basis. Last time I went there, the vegan options were white chocolate oreo, salty chocolate, pomegranate chocolate, and banana oreo. The time before that was banana oreo, chocolate and rum, white chocolate coconut, and chocolate caramel. It’s been a similar story every time I’ve gone in the last few months. Meanwhile, the omnis get lavender vanilla, jasmine green tea, and brown bread. I’m all for vegan chocolate ice cream, but it can be too much. I wish they would start making the more delicate vegan flavors again.

  • I drove a half-hour out of my way to stop by Scoops for some vegan ice-cream the other day. This was only my second time there but I’m pretty sure I’m going to become a Scoops regular. This is the best vegan ice-cream I’ve found so far, I hope this place stays open forever. And the afternoon meter-parking on Heliotrope between Melrose and Santa Monica seems fine from what I can tell. So that’s good too.

  • cinnamon coffee!!!

  • banana oreo is my fav

  • Very refreshing, tasty ice cream! I sure enjoyed the soy-based maple pecan they had the other day, and my partner liked the two dairy-based flavors he chose!

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