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    September 17th, 2008quarrygirlfollow your heart, LA restaurants

    follow your heart never ceases to amaze me. they are this awesome entirely vegetarian health food supermarket attached to a kick-ass vegetarian cafe, where almost any dish can be made vegan. the more i shop there, the more i realize how freaking special it is. i mean, it’s been around since 1970, which means they must be doing something right. then they go ahead and offer one of the most extensive, mouth-watering menus in the land. and everything i’ve eaten in their cafe is amazing. sunday’s breakfast was no different. a slice of vegan perfection, indeed…except for one thing. a quarrygirl pet peeve, un-advertized ingredients arrived on my plate. in this case, it was bell peppers (which i despise) sneaking into my side of breakfast potatoes. grrrr.

    tofu benedict breakfast special: poached tofu and tomato on a toasted english muffin, smothered in an eggless hollandaise sauce. served with breakfast potatoes, soyrizo, scrambled tofu & spinach. $11.95

    tofu benedict breakfast special: poached tofu and tomato on a toasted english muffin, smothered in an eggless hollandaise sauce. served with breakfast potatoes, soyrizo, scrambled tofu & spinach. $11.95

    despite the bell peppers, this mini-feast was absolutely wonderful! i had really high standards for a tofu benedict, after trying flore’s variation, but i can definitely say that follow your heart brought their A game with this one. the little tofu cutlets were topped with thick, fresh slices of tomato, slathered in the creamiest sauce and topped with slightly cooked leaves of spinach. as if that wasn’t enough, there was a clump of breakfast style scrambled tofu on the side and a mound of perfectly seasoned soyrizo. of course the first thing i did after snapping these photos was cover the whole plate in brother bru-bru’s, the insanely spicy african hot sauce supplied at the cafe. 

    i think i am in love with tofu benedicts. vegan hollandaise sauce is some of the most rich and sinful stuff i’ve ever eaten, a perfect compliment to all the fresh vegetables and the modest slices of tofu. the tofu just needs to be heated, not cooked elaborately or even seasoned. once the sauce is poured on, it infiltrates and turns the tofu into a tasty little protein sponge. it doesn’t stop there either, it oozes down and gets totally soaked up by the porous english muffin as well. i’m telling you, this sauce improves everything it touches. thankfully, they basically drown the plate in it, so there was enough hollandaise to scoop on top of the scrambled tofu and soyrizo as well.

    luckily, the bell peppers were confined to a small section of the plate. while it could have been a lot worse, unfortunately the whole side of breakfast potatoes had to be quarantined.

    so there ya have it, another awesome breakfast at follow your heart. i’ll give it an overall A-, points were deducted for unadvertised ingredients. if you hate any food, you should check to make sure it won’t be arriving on your plate. (the burger also comes with unadvertised pickles!)

    definitely a favorite sunday breakfast spot, so i’m sure you’ll be reading about again sometime soon. and i really gotta try out their lunch and dinner menu as well! oh and when you check out the cafe, don’t forget to fill an entire cart with vegan groceries from their market on your way out.

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  • Went there on Sunday as well. I did the Vegan McMuffin thing, which was pretty good.

  • Yum, I keep meaning to try that one but whenever I go there other things on the menu tempt me with their siren songs (example, vegan french toast). Now that I’ve seen how pretty yours is though I think I’ve been won over. I’ve never had a meal there that wasn’t awesome, though I’m glad they gave you the soyrizo, because their breakfast sausages taste like cardboard.

    (snark) And oh yeah… how dare you call that stuff hollandaise sauce?!?! After all, you’re a vegan and you’re not allowed to like anything that is reminiscent of non-vegan foods and you’re most definitely not supposed to call them by their common and obvious names, otherwise it makes you a hypocrite, right? Personally, I think they should call that sauce “Eggless Vegan Yellow Goo Spread”… that way no one will get confused and hapless omnivores won’t mistakenly be tricked into eating something that doesn’t not contain eggs, lest they be infected and accidentally turn vegan. (/end snark)

  • “doesn’t not” should have been “does not”

  • Oh, my goodness, I LOVE the FYH tofu benedict! I’ve never seen it w/ spinach before, though. I don’t care for their soyrizo and I think scrambled tofu w/ tofu benedict is a bit of overkill, so I always sub my favorite FYH brunch sides (white beans and grilled bananas) for those 2. I’m having brunch their Saturday and dinner there Sunday…HOORAY!!

  • ARG I’ve been wanting to there SO BAD, but it is about one billion miles away from my apartment. I need to just suck it up and make the trek already because that grub looks off the CHAAAAAIN

  • lex – i was totally eyeing up that mcmuffin thingy! how was it?

    foodeater – LOLOLOL! i couldn’t even BELIEVE that whole crazy debate on your blog. seriously, where do these people come from? do they scour the internet looking for vegan food, just so they can make fun of it?

    vegyogini – great idea on subbing the sides. i myself would get the black beans with bananas.

    kirby – go there ASAP. a scrumptious chick like you would love it!

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  • I think if I had the recipe to that sauce, I’d put it on everything! Oh my goodness.

  • Ha! I can’t stand bell peppers either. I’m so bummed I didn’t get to FYH on my last trip out. Next time… Maybe I’ll fly to LA a day before I go to Australia so I can eat there!

  • Ugh, I dislike their hollandaise. M Cafe’s benedict annihilates FYH’s, largely because they have pegged vegan hollandaise.

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