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    June 4th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, pure luck (closed)

    as many of you may know, i’m on a quest to eat the entire pure luck menu…one item at a time (with the exception of maybe one salad that really isn’t my style). sorry, no jackfruit carnitas in this post, but i promise to feature some next time.

    avocado, chips and salsa: sliced ripe avocado and fresh pico de gallo salsa served with made-to-order tortilla chips. $3

    pure luck césar rolls: avocado, tofu, onions and romaine lettuce rolled up in a flour tortilla, topped with our césar dressing. $5

    césar salad with tofu: romaine lettuce with grilled tofu, sliced avocado, onions, croutons and lemon-garlic césar dressing. $8
    (they forgot the avocado!)

    in pure luck fashion, of course, all this food was amazing. the appetizer was hearty for 3 dollars, and the homemade chips were soooooo tasty. you can tell these weren’t from a bag—they were flour tortillas cut into triangles and cooked (fried probably, but i try not to think about that). i wish all restaurants would take a tip from pure luck and prepare their chips this way.

    the césar rolls make a great appetizer. they are kind of a cross between healthy and decadent. they are mostly lettuce and tofu, but then wrapped in a heavy flour tortilla and smothered in creamy dressing. the combination is perfect.

    the césar salad is pretty similar, minus the tortillas and (unintentionally) the avocado! i can’t believe they forgot to put avocado on my salad, damn! that sux. too bad i had already devoured half of it before i noticed, otherwise i would have said something. while i love pure luck, they often forget to include everything mentioned on the menu in your order. once they even served me the fresh noodle salad, but with NO NOODLES! so check your order carefully, there’s a good chance it’s not all there.

    that being said, the salad was awesome. i NEED to find out how they make their tofu! flavor just oozes out of it, and it’s such a spongey texture. i absolutely love it.

    oh and one last thing, i know i have blogged about pure luck potato pals before, but i can’t resist showing you my latest order. these are my favorite appetizer ever—i would eat them every day if i could. you must get down to pure luck and try them if you haven’t already. and if they don’t come with it, ask for the SPECIAL SAUCE! it’s the pink stuff pictured to the right. they make the potato pals so much better!

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