• quality service? pure luck.

    April 14th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, pure luck (closed)

    tofu pesto sandwich:
    grilled tofu and fresh basil-spinach pesto on a rustic roll, with romaine and onions and vegan mayo.

    pure luck is hands-down my favorite restaurant in los angeles. it’s great. they have a delicious 100% vegan menu and an impressive selection of quality tap-beer, none of which is over-priced. they truly are one-of-a-kind.


    sometimes (albeit rarely) the service…well, just SUCKS. don’t get me wrong, in the fortuitous event that a personable member of the staff waits on you, you will be VERY well taken care of. in fact, some of the servers are so affable, that you’ll feel like an old friend is bringing food and beer to your table as they stop for small talk and cast smiles in your direction. however, on some occasions (in my experience), the staff has been dismissive, cold, and completely incompetent. once, even bringing me food that had been mis-delivered to the wrong table…after the other customer had begun eating it! ewwww! that’s sooOOOOoooOOOOo unacceptable! seriously.

    luckily for pure luck, the food and beer are flawless, and most members of the staff are above average. the experience is so good, on the whole, that i make it an effort to return to the restaurant whenever humanly possible. i just believe, as with most things in life, certain individuals are bringing the group down. and it wouldn’t be fair of me as a truthful and scathing blogger to tell you how much i adore pure luck without at least mentioning the dark bits.

    that being said…the tofu pesto sandwich is fucking awesome! much better than i ever thought it would be.

    the spongy tofu was super-flavorful…

    the pesto was rich and creamy…

    and the vegetables were cool and crunchy, whilst the roll was warm and soft.

    what more could you ask for in a sandwich? not to mention it’s side-dish—the best vegan caesar salad i’ve ever tasted. clumpy, garlicky, and full of black pepper.

    so, thanks again, pure luck. your food is ace and quarrygirl.com loves you. just please, please, please don’t fuck it up with bad service. that would be a sin!

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  • Mmmm, I love Pure Luck!

  • Dude! I love Pure Luck so much – though I always have to bike there because I don’t like the cold stares of militant fixed-geared bikers standing outside when I pull up in my VDubs. Did you meet Patty? If you ever go there again and service sucks, talk to her. She’ll smack some people around. Also, yay for more vegan bloggers in the hood!

  • thx, allison! yeah, patty is wonderful…and pure luck is still definitely my favorite restaurant.

  • The tofu with pesto looks great! There’s a vegan, gluten-free bakery here in Austin that makes a good tofu sandwich with hummus, but this one with pesto looks better!

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