• pliny the elder (not the philosopher, the beer)

    March 26th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants

    a lot of bars aren’t open on easter sunday. fortunately, naja’s place in redondo beach is. while this is supposed to be a blog of vegan things, i can’t find anything more inspiring to write about in my first post than beer…hoppy, tap beer. and i will throw in some hummus as well, so this post will technically qualify as a vegan post. hummus is vegan. now, back to the beer…


    naja’s is a great place to go if you love beer; they must have about 20-30 different choices on tap. the service is pretty crap, though (unless you happen to be one of the toothless “regulars” who makes out with the bartendress while the rest of us are waiting for our drinks).

    the best thing about naja’s is they have so many taps that are frequently rotated, that on every visit you can find a new favorite beer. especially if you are willing to suffer through 3 pints in search of it.


    i recommend you try pliny the elder, named the “hoppiest beer in america” by some drunkard who has a blog on ibabuzz.com. a panel of judges in denver at the annual alpha king contest during the great american beer festival. just be careful when you are ordering, fancy beers can cost you upwards of seven bucks with no warning—leaving you drunk, pissed, and broke at the end of the afternoon.

    so in short, only go to naja’s if you love beer. there’s plenty to choose from and it’s good quality. on the downside, it’s expensive, the service is slow, and the staff and customers look like extras who wandered off the set of “monster”. oh, and if you are vegan, you’d better like hummus. because that’s pretty much all you are gonna get. 🙂


    hummus, as promised

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  • Very nice post. I know a bartender in Japan that would love to have a full list of all the beers on tap at Najas. Thanks also for the informative photos, links and the attractively posed hummus! Cheers!

  • Hi there. I did not name Pliny the hoppiest beer in America. It was named by a panel of judges in Denver at the annual Alpha King contest during the Great American Beer Festival. The most unusual thing about this beer is that it does not taste bitter. Don’t know if Naja’s has it. But there are several, similar alternatives brewed in San Diego (not, sadly in LA). Green Flash Double IPA is among them.

    Yous in sobriety, ….

  • interesting call on hummous at najas. who would of thought??

    in case you didnt know—they have Pliny on tap at Fathers office in santa monica.

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