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    August 2nd, 2008quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA)

    way back in march when i started this modest blog and was still posting pix taken with my cell phone, my first post wasn’t really about vegan food, but instead a super hoppy and wonderful beer: pliny the elder. now 4 months and 87 posts later, i’m returning to pliny. while in santa rosa, i had the fortunate opportunity to visit the place where the magical beer is actually brewed, the russian river brewing company.

    pliny the elder at the russian river brewing company in santa rosa

    now, unfortunately there isn’t much vegetarian stuff on the menu. but honestly, who needs food with beer like this?

    pliny the elder at the russian river brewing company in santa rosa

    with an abv of 8%, pliny is too strong to legally be sold in a pitcher. that didn’t stop me from ordering 3 pints of the hoppiest beer i’ve ever tasted!

    pliny the elder at the russian river brewing company in santa rosa

    so if you are a beer lover in santa rosa, drink up at russian river. you won’t regret it! and hungry vegans can be satisfied at the sushi restaurant down the street.

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  • That’s crap 🙁 But I guess it’s good to hear they’re being enjoyed.
    I don’t think you should have to pay for one, anyway. You were mentioned on LAist. That makes you a blogging VIP. Next time I make them, I’ll let you know.
    I’m leaving for Seattle/Portland for a week on Wednesday, so I have to see if they need them before then.

  • Ahh…my husband LOVES the hops. This would be a great beer for him.

  • Hey, I live right down the street from Russian River Brewery in Santa Rosa! A pint of Pliny the Elder is the first drink I have every time I go. Most of the other beers are good, too. Shame they don’t have much there for snacks, but for cheesy pizza. Sorry, but I hate the sushi club a few doors down. It has the feeling of a combined steak house and dance club to me. Did you ever go to 3rd Street Aleworks a few blocks away? If you haven’t and you are ever up this way again, try the Hippy sandwich there. It is really good, though their beers are not quite as good as Russian River Brewery’s, as a general rule. Sometimes they get a very decent cider, though.

  • Hey I just happened to stumble upon this post while googling vegan & santa rosa and I wanted to let you know that they now have a totally vegan pizza on the menu called ‘Megan’s Vegan’ you can add whatever you want to it and it pairs wonderfully with a Pliny (as all things do) 🙂

  • Pliny the Elder is undoubtedly the best double ipa in the world. Hands down.

    The rest of Russian River’s beer though (exceptions being pliny the elder, damnation, and blind pig) are fined with gelatin 🙁

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