• April 15th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, veggie grill

    so…this sunday i went on a wild drinking binge until i felt so ill i wanted snuff it. and by “wild drinking binge” i mean, literally 2 beers. yeah, the ipa at this deathtrap otherwise known as the red car brewery makes me sick every time i go, and i always attribute my pain to some poor undeserving factor. well, never again. you heard it here: the red car brewery ipa is fucking toxic. don’t drink it. if a serious lush like me wants to crawl into bed with a sick sack after just two pints, it has no business being behind the counter.

    luckily for me, on the way home from my sunday bender, i passed the veggie grill and decided to give it a try…in spite of my ailment.

    and boy, was i grateful! while i may not place the exact same order again, i will definitely return to the veggie grill.

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