• NEW VEGAN MILKSHAKES! at millions of milkshakes!

    April 11th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, millions of milkshakes

    update 2/11: we’ve heard that millions of milkshakes no longer offers vegan shakes. 🙁 they now have some kind of milk alternative shake, but it isn’t vegan. sad, sad, sad.

    FINALLY, millions of milkshakes in weho has legitimate vegan milkshakes, and they are INSANELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!

    vegan milkshake with temptation ice cream by chicago soy dairy and oreo cookies.

    as of this week, millions has started serving up completely animal-free shakes made with none other than chicago soy dairy’s incredible temptation ice cream. i stopped in recently for a vegan chocolate/oreo cookie shake, and my mind was officially blown. i was drinking this shit up like daniel plainview, and you could not stop me. it was thick, rich, sugary, and creamy as can be—absolutely heavenly.

    while millions of milkshakes has offered soy shakes for ages, they haven’t always been vegan, and the company hasn’t been outwardly advertising them as such…until now! as of friday though, millions has been sporting the vegan pride with a huge banner inside the store and even a vegan section on their website.

    although you can go wild creating your own vegan shake with various flavors and ingredients, the only vegan item on the actual menu was created last week by pam anderson and PETA. it contains vanilla soft serve, pineapple, and coconut. i prefer chocolate and cookies myself, but if fruity desserts are your bag, you should give pam’s shake a try. 🙂

    i honestly couldn’t be more happy that this media blitz of a milkshake shop has decided finally to embrace veganism and feature animal-free selections prominently on the menu. and on top of that, the shakes really do taste amazing. next time you want to splurge, grab dessert in weho—–vegan milkshake style. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

    millions of milkshakes
    8910 Santa Monica Blvd
    West Hollywood, California 90069
    310 652 1118
    open noon-2am

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  • what type of post is this??? no picture of pam rolling around in a pool of nothing but vegan milkshake?

  • A 2:00AM milkshake can’t be a good idea.

  • I’m dying for a vegan milkshake now. The vanilla pineapple combination sounds great!!

  • I thought Oreos weren’t vegan? Or are they off-brand?

  • I tried to go for the event, there were so many people and press it was insane! We just turned around because it looked like you couldn’t get a milkshake for 5 or 6 hours. Who approached them with this? I’m having a hard time believing he actually listened to me a month ago and went out and did this that fast! He got the Chicago Soy Dairy and everything…

  • Huh. I could’ve sworn there was whey or something the last time I checked. Maybe they changed the recipe.

  • I love PETA for making this stuff happen. I bet they were the ones who finally got Millions of Milkshakes to come around.

  • I don’t understand why the vegan burger places have no milkshakes. Veggie Grill I’m looking in your direction…

  • wowzers! bravo for peta and pam!

  • Yea I wish they’d offer vegan milkshakes to go with your vegan burger and fries at various places. I would totally order that for lunch!!

  • You can get a Vegan OatMilk Milkshake and vegan burger and fries at OBurger really close to Millions of Milkshakes

  • Thanks Lex!! I will try going there one of these days.

  • This is so great! Can’t wait to try Pam’s milkshake, hehe.

  • Nope Oreos have always been vegan 🙂

  • I tried the Oatshake at OBurger, but it tasted kinda funny.

  • Oreos had lard in the filling but that was changed way back in the 80s or something, if you’re old and remember back then. They might have whey in other countries.

    Does anyone have parking tips for around there? I normally avoid West Hollywood like the plague and tacky celebrity endorsed places! I could try it out after a show at the Troubadour though.

  • Tacky celebrity endorsed places… you’ll be wanting to get your milkshake fast and get the hell out at this place, then. They literally have TVs playing paparazzi footage of them chasing celebrities, trying to get them to say, “I love Millions of Milkshakes” or whatever.

  • Hmmm, it’s a long flight to Hollywood, but it almost looks worth it. When we go out next, this will be on my list of places to go. Thanks!

  • If you want to feel like you’re drinking 2 cups of liquid sugar, go ahead and order a vegan chocolate oreo shake. The shakes are quite liquidy. I drank less than a 1/4th of my shake. You might be better just ordering a cup of vegan soft serve if that is possible.

  • i’m so jealous of you guys who living in L.A. – including my boyfriend

  • I got a chocolate shake (added peanut butter) and agreed with Jennifer: quite liquidy. I also thought there was some off flavor, but I’m not sure what it was. I’d probably still go back, though, and try again if the late night vegan shake craving strikes. Mothers Markets still have the best vegan shakes in this area!

  • I had a President’s Shake (I believe it was called) two days ago- vegan vanilla ice cream, Oreos, strawberries. It was heaven but here’s my concern. It’s 48 hours later and I literally don’t think I can survive the rest of my day without another one. Did they take out the dairy and add crack?

  • We live pretty close to Millions of Milkshakes so i was stoked to try these— However, I got oreo chocolate, the boy got vanilla banana coconut and both of us felt like dying less then 30 minutes after the shake! You see them make them, it seemed like everything was legit and they talked to us about being vegan so we got the right shakes, but i agree they were cloyingly sweet and made my tummy do somersaults. Anyone else have the same issue?

  • Newtritionalee

    Anybody reading this have a teaspoonful of awareness about the diabetes type ii epidemic spreading in the US –and globally? Or is it just about warm fuzzies for the Vegan and entertainment mongers…and sugar-junkies of which most of us sadly are; which, in turn, forecasts myriad unnecessarily premature health-disorders. HFCS (high fructose corn sweeteners) ought to be a huge concern for anyone, especially parents raising kids, and by concern, meaning AVOID…and not just PETA concerns or how delicious things taste with an overdose of sugar.

  • oreos are not vegan. is it newmen-os? i am a bit confused..some of the places you recommended such as Starbucks…contains sugar..which is also not vegan. :/

  • Trisha,

    Oreos are vegan and have been for as long as I can remember. Definitely. Vegan.

  • They have a stand at the Culver City/Fox Hills Westfield Mall now. Pretty sure vegan menu was posted. Now I have to avoid cutting through the mall on my way home from work at all costs to save my waistline!!

  • These never existed in Culver City, and no longer exist in West Hollywood. I was there last Saturday, 2/12 and they said the “non-dairy” ice cream has a small amount of casein.

  • NOT VEGAN!!! please update to save anyone else from going in there with a milkshake craving and being disappointed.

  • My girlfriend and I went here the other day to discover that the vegan shakes were no longer vegan. This was a huge bummer as we had been looking forward to this for a while. The thing that my girlfriend pointed out though was that Russell Simmons and Pamela Anderson are still in the videos that are playing up on the flat screens at MoM. Somebody should alert these celebrities that their celebrity status is being used to promote a no longer vegan product. Total false advertising on MoM’s part. Lame

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