• the return of fatty’s in eagle rock!

    November 8th, 2011farmers market, LA restaurants

    as you probably know, fatty’s in eagle rock (one of our favorite vegetarian spots in LA) recently reopened. we haven’t gotten over there yet, but our field reporter patricia went this weekend and loved it. check out her post:

    hurrah for the return of fatty’s!!! over the weekend my partner and i finally got around to checking out the (somewhat recently) reopened fatty’s and i am happy to report that the food was even tastier than i remembered. we decided to share a bunch of stuff so we could sample as much as possible and ended up with an amazing six course meal with a nice bottle of red wine to go with it.

    when our wine arrived we were also presented with a delicious dish of complimentary kale chips. light and salty these were a great snack to have while we looked over the menu.

    walnut croquette: a pan fried paté of organic walnuts, butternut squash, and cumin, served with fennel slaw and orange vinaigrette! $12

    the first thing i knew i had to have from the menu was the walnut croquette. this little guy was astounding. crunchy and flavorful with a delicious orange vinaigrette. in my experience when restaurants serve any kind of orange sauce it pretty much tastes like orange corn syrup. not at fatty’s, no sir. this was a slightly creamy, tangy, citrus dressing that i could eat on pretty much anything…

    ar east rolls: spicy ginger seitan, cabbage and carrots! served with a mango sauce! $9

    i then asked our server about the far east rolls. what the wrapping was and if they were fried. he explained that they were lightly fried and that their health conscious chef makes a special effort to use minimal oil and just enough to cook the food. (he didn’t know what the wrapper was which i said was fine. it was the same kind of doughy wrapper you get on most fried rolls) the server was exactly right. this was the best fried spring roll i have EVER had. spicy ginger seitan with crunchy veggies that were fried but still not super heavy or overly greasy.

    we then decided that we would share the paella for our main course which comes with a salad or soup. when we learned that the soup of the day was tortilla we decided to get one extra side so we could each have a small cup. this was a perfect little cup of warmth with crunchy bits of tortilla and veggies.

    paella: trumpet, shitaki and oyster mushrooms, Italian black rice and organic brown rice, with all organic corn, hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes and sweet peas with olives and saffron. $18

    and finally to the paella. oh, man. this thing was packed with so much flavor. the two different kinds of rice were incredibly seasoned and along with the veggies and mushrooms there were these olives that blew my mind. i’m no olive expert but these little guys made me decide i need to become one. this was a pretty large serving so if you don’t share it you’ll probably have food to take home.

    fudgey cake. $7

    for our last course we took home the very famous fatty’s fudgey. it was just as dreamy as i remembered. the only difference is that it comes as a huge hunk of sliced cake instead of the cute little personal size cake they used to serve. if you have not had the fudgey do not be deceived by this photo that makes it look like just a slice of chocolate cake. i don’t know what they do that make this thing so amazing but even i, a person who doesn’t eat many sweets, am in love with this dessert.

    on top of all of the amazing food we had incredible service. the server was so mindful to not bring us the next dish until we finished what we currently had on the table. it’s so nice to be able to relax and enjoy a meal without feeling rushed. we also had a perfect table in a back corner of the restaurant that was a little quieter and less busy than the other tables. the restaurant is moderately sized and can get very busy, especially on the weekends. if you don’t like to wait be sure to make a reservation.

    i am so incredibly happy with the new version of fatty’s. some of the old favorites and many new favorites served in a beautiful, nicely lit space with superb, friendly service.

    1627 colorado blvd.
    eagle rock CA 90041
    thursday – saturday
    6pm – 10pm
    6pm – 9pm


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  • That vegan chocolate cake is calling me. Have never been to this place though I am in the adjacent city of Pasadena.

  • LOVE Fatty’s food, service and decor! I’ll definitely be there this weekend to try out their new menu and we all know EVERYONE will order a fudgey to top it off!

    Once again Fatty’s, GRACIAS for coming back! 🙂

  • so happy to hear! thanks for the report. i liked them a lot and was sad when they closed

  • I don’t know if it was an off night or what, but when we went a couple weeks ago the service was excruciatingly slow and awkward. It was clear the servers were stretched very thing, yet it took FOREVER for us to get our waters and dishes. And the server brought out the wrong bottle of wine at first! The food was of course fantastic, though. Absolutely loved the moussaca. And the Fudgey, come on. Too amazing. Miss the adorable little Bundt shape though!

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