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    November 7th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, mendocino farms

    mendocino farms finally opened up in west hollywood last week, and i wasted no time in getting over there. i hit them up on saturday for lunch, and like every meal i’ve had at mendo, my sandwich was predictably awesome.

    Vegan Shawarma: Mediterranean chickpea shawarma, with a bean puree, vegan tzatziki, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and shredded romaine on a grilled honey wheat tortilla wrap (vegan tortilla available on request) $9.25

    there were 3 vegan sandwiches to choose from: chickpea shawarma, a spicy soyrizo wrap, and an indian dosa. i went with the shwarama (sauce on the side), and loved every bite. just be sure and specify that you want a vegan tortilla, because the wheat ones at mendocino contain honey. super fresh ingredients and a light falafelly shwarama that wasn’t too meaty…

    inside, the restaurant was packed! way busier than i thought it would be on a weekend. the line moved quickly though, the food came out in record time, and we were able to find a seat. no complaints!

    i was also happy to see that mendocino farms has applied for their liquor license. can’t wait to go back and have a beer and a sandwich on the patio.

    check this place out!

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  • glad to see it PACKED!!! hope it’s here to stay!!!

  • Good news!

  • Ugh, I am struggling to see the appeal of this place. With all the other vegan and vegetarian choices Los Angeles has to offer, why even consider this option? I’m sure their meat came from happy cows and chickens who willingly said please eat me! so if I ate meat, that might be attractive to me, but as vegan, I’ll pass.

  • So happy this place finally opened in the neighborhood. Their vegan sandwiches are the best in town.

  • These people have mastered the art of the vegan sandwich. Can’t wait to try out this new location.

  • I had the soyrizo, which I really liked, but I wish they had sandwiches and not just wraps. I want BREAD!

  • I had the vegan shawarma and it tasted like a hummus wrap. It could have used 50% less garbanzo beans and 50% more falafel. The staff is lovely and nice and but I do feel queasy going to a place with a cow logo. This place is good if you happen to be in the area, but I wouldn’t trek across town for it.

  • I agree, if a sandwich shop is going to be as vegan-friendly as Mendocino Farms is, offer me vegan SANDWICHES.

  • QG: Where does one park when going here?

  • @gregalor there’s a parking structure for target/best buy/that whole complex. i think it’s 2 hours for free! i’ve never gone over whatever the limit is.

  • Oh, is that where it is? For some reason I thought it was across from the Grove. Awesome, that place is super easy to get in and out of, and I’ve never paid, either!

  • yeah, they had a coming soon sign by the grove for ages…and i remember them tweeting about it. i hope they open up there as well!

  • Did someone say “HONEY” wheat wrap?

  • the wheat tortillas contain honey, but there are vegan ones (like the one in the picture) available by request. it says it pretty clearly on the mendocino menu.

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