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  • *sniff* – it was the only korean bbq place i could take my hubby.

  • Too bad…. 🙁

    Do any of you remember that insanely awesome vegan/vegetarian Korean buffet in K-Town? I forgot what it was called…but it was open for maybe 4 or 5 months, and then bam…gone. There were so many amazing items on that buffet…I find it hard to believe the chef who made all that stuff just called it quits. He/She’s gotta be in town somewhere making a few of those things….right? Maybe? Hopefully? Any K-Town experts or sleuths know where some of that food might still be served today?

    As for another Korean place that’s vegan friendly…I haven’t gone in years, but I used to eat at a place called Beverly Soon Tofu. Not too much vegan stuff, but they had amazing spicy soup called Soon Du Bu which was vegan if you got the vegetables & mushroom version…they had amazing home made silken tofu, which is in the soup….and lots of good veggie sides – pickles, sprouts, etc. They’re probably still there…check it out!

  • Bummer. I live in K-town and had this on the to-do list.

  • Bummer.

    BCD Tofu house can do a vegan soon tofu soup. But the kimchee and the rest of the banchan is not vegan.

    Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food makes meals at the Hollywood farmer’s market with vegan kimchi and other goodies.

    Still hoping for an LA vegan Korean spot up to par with New York’s Hangawi and Franchia. It’s not like vegan Korean is novel. HappyCow lists over a dozen vegetarian places in Seoul.

    With what has to be one of the largest concentration of Koreans outside of Korea, some entrepreneur will see profit in a vegan Korean joint.

  • I looked at the Shin BBQ website, which is still up, and it says the owner learned his craft from working at the family restaurants, which include Beverly Soon Tofu, Shin Chon Restaurant and E Moon Oak. These are all in Korea Town.

    Maybe we can get one of them to offer up some of the good food that Shin used to make.

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