• on tour vegan style with silver snakes: come to the last show!

    October 22nd, 2011quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA)

    as you probably know, we’ve been tracking the culinary adventures of the band silver snakes as they tour around the western US. band member alex has been texting me all kinds of delicious looking snapshots of life on the road from restaurants in california, nevada, idaho, washington, and oregon. the silver snakes tour wraps up sunday in los angeles with a CD release party at amplyfi at 7pm, and i implore all of you local readers to come show some support and rock out.

    back to the food…alex ran into some phone trouble on tour, and was unable to text me photos of his bay area meals, but sent me the following text:

    Eating alone at Souley Vegan. It’s too good. I’m going to die. Just fried tofu, mac, and greens. But I already had a stomach ache. FML. Come to the LA show!

    the picture above is from a meal i ate a while ago back at souley, but you get the idea. anyways, let’s all show up at the silver snakes show on sunday. again, that’s 10/23 at 7pm (the band will prob go on a couple hours later) at amplyfi. it’s super close to astro burger, so we can get dinner after. sound good?


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