• dr mcdougall noodles: the best quick lunch around

    October 17th, 2011quarrygirlproducts

    happy monday, everyone! in honor of the start of the work week, i’m bringing you a post about my favorite quick in the office lunch: dr. mcdougall noodles.

    i work in a part of town without a ton of vegan options, and during the week when i’m busy, i’m super thankful for the good doctor’s food line. mcdougall has been making low fat vegan soup cups for years, but recently he came out with a new line called “asian entrees,” which includes several noodle dishes such as pad thai, roasted peanut, spicy kung pao and teriyaki. they all taste delicious, they’re easy to prepare, and each cup is only around 200 calories! win/win/win.

    pictured at the top of the post is the pad thai, along with some added vegetables and loads of sriracha. so good! when i’m at work, i usually eat the noodles on their own straight out the cup, and they’re just as tasty. you can find these noodle cups at places like ralphs or whole foods, and they go for a few bucks per serving.

    and if you like dr. mcdougall on facebook, you can enter to win a month’s supply of noodles and an ipad! yes!


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  • we’re helping entire offices loose weight just by switching their lunches to McDougall soups. They are so inexpensive you can usually get the boss to pay for them for everyone, about as cheap as bottled water.

  • these look like carbs ‘n sodium to me. i’d skip the noodles & just go straight for more veggies. 🙂

  • mBrad, McDougall is a low fat, high carb diet, so yes these are carb-heavy. Which is great for me! His products also tend to be lower-sodium than most, but you’re right in assuming that they do pack a salty punch. 🙂

    I love these things though. Just the way QG has ’em, minus the sriracha (as much as I love it).

  • I love these but I can’t ever seem to make them come out not soup-like. bleh.

  • I’ve bought these before, from Whole Foods, they’re good for a quick and easy vegan lunch.

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