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    October 13th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, tony's darts away

    breaking news! tony’s darts away, LA’s vegan-friendly craft beer bar, launched a new menu today of signature sausages. the old deal was, customers would pick a sausage with up to 4 toppings and order at the counter. that’s still an option, but now TDA has introduced 6 custom combinations to help you out and make ordering easier. the new menu isn’t posted on their site yet, but we’ve got a snap of it. you’re welcome. check it out…

    i didn’t eat a dog when i was at tony’s tonight (i was in a beer only kinda mood), but i have got my sights set on the border dog.

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  • Heh, you can always tell what brand(s) of vegan sausages a place has by looking at the flavors offered. I don’t think I have enough fingers to count how many restaurants offer apple sage and chipotle vegan sausages. What could those be… 😉

  • So true. It actually kind of puts my mind at ease if I see a “vegetarian apple sage” sausage on a menu. I know it’s Field Roast and it’s vegan!

  • The first time I was at Tony’s, those buns were so soft and velvety and amazing. I couldn’t wait to go back. Every time since then (about 3 visits, if I’m counting correctly), they’ve been pretty uninspiring… un-soft almost to the point of seeming day-old. Has anyone else experienced this? I was hoping my second visit was the fluke, but I feel (sadly) that it might have been the first. 🙁

  • I noticed the same thing when I was there last. It was only that one time for me, though, so who know’s what’s happening.

  • Fantastic!

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