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    October 10th, 2011quarrygirlEVO kitchen, LA restaurants

    so exciting! los angeles has a new super vegan-friendly restaurant with a huge menu full of specialty pizzas, salads, wraps, inventive appetizers, wine and craft beer. EVO kitchen opened up its doors last week in the old hollywood/weho pizza fusion location, and we’re already huge fans. it focuses on organic, locally sourced ingredients, and is family owned by the same folks who ran the previous restaurant. with the re-branding, the menu still includes our favorite items (what up, beer floats and wraps!) plus it has grown to include even more vegan (and gluten-free if you care about that) options, and the food is even better than before.

    we hit up EVO for a slap up feast this weekend, and sampled as many vegan dishes as we could. we still didn’t get through half of them though—i guess that means another visit is in order! check out what we ate:

    vegan garlic cheese bread with marinara dip. $4.99

    we started off with a slew of appetizers, the first of which was the vegan garlic cheese bread. as with all vegan cheesy items at EVO kitchen, this came with a choice of soy cheese (follow your heart) or daiya. we opted for the soy cheese in this case, and the daiya cheese for other dishes (more on those later!). the cheese bread was phenomenal—crispy and pipin’ hot, dusted with herbs, and served with a pot of tangy marinara.

    mini vegan bbq burgers: portobello mushroom with vegan soy or daiya cheese, roasted red onion and bbq sauce. $6.99

    next up, one of my favorite dishes of the evening: the vegan mini bbq burgers. SLIDERS…

    i love sliders, or any kind of mini food for that matter, and yet vegan versions are so hard to come by. these were less like actual burgers, and more like tiny portobello sandwiches, but they were absolutely delicious either way. we got these with daiya, which went perfectly with the sweet BBQ sauce and roasted onions. here’s another shot from behind:

    naturally we took advantage of EVO’s beer and wine list while we were dining, and we really appreciated the fact that all the vegan-friendly beverages were clearly labeled…

    i threw back a flight from the strictly california tap list which included black market hefe, northcoast scrimshaw pilsner, anderson valley boont amber ale, and napa smith IPA. great for sippin’ slowly while enjoying the pleasant view of sunset blvd.

    beer flight with black market hefe, scrimshaw pilsner, boont amber ale & napa smith IPA. $10

    the husband went with a vegan chilean cabernet, an excellent accompaniment to the forthcoming pizza.

    la playa cabernet $7

    our next appetizer was a serving of mushroom caps—a plate of 6 plump shrooms, each filled up with a rich and nutty pate. amazing!

    mushroom caps filled with veggie almond stuffing. $7.99

    for our mains, we split a wrap and a pizza, both of which were exceedingly good. i’ve sung the praises of the old pizza fusion wraps before, and i’m just as stoked about the wraps at EVO. vegan options include a BBQ wrap with veggie chicken, a veggie avocado wrap, and a roasted veggie and hummus wrap—all of which come with a side of roasted potatoes or salad.

    veggie avocado wrap: mixed greens, avocado, carrot, cucumber, tomato, red onion, tahini dressing. $8.99

    we ordered the veggie avocado wrap with a side of roasted potatoes and onion, and the picture doesn’t do it justice. it was huge—filled up with mixed greens, avocado, carrot, cucumber, tomato, red onion and tahini dressing. the potatoes were exceptional as well: small and crispy with chunks of red onion sprinkled throughout, the perfect companions to the fresh and cool wrap.

    build your own pizza with daiya cheese, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, vegan chicken

    lastly, we split a build your own pizza when daiya cheese, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and vegan chicken—so damn tasty. EVO has improved upon the former pizza recipe by making the crust thinner and more circular, and i’m a huge fan. we got the personal size, but i saw some huge pies coming out of the kitchen, and they looked amazing! massive with a thin crust and giant slices—i definitely need to hit up EVO with a group of friends and try one of those. topping wise, the pizza was perfect. the daiya was nicely melted and not overused, and the vegetables were fresh and plentiful. EVO also offers soy cheese for those who aren’t fans of the daiya.

    mango avocado salad: wils arugula, cucumber, fresh lemon. $6.49

    although we didn’t have room for anything else, i got the above snap of the mango avocado salad from the table next to us. isn’t it a beauty?! EVO offers a couple vegan desserts as well, including a brownie and a coconut sorbet. you best believe i’m combining that for some a la mode action next time i’m in.

    inside, EVO kitchen is small yet pleasant with a bar area, moody lights, and comfy seating. they even went the extra mile and had the place all decked out for halloween when we were there.

    i’m so happy that EVO kitchen has opened up in my neighborhood. they’ve got good beer, good pizza, and a full menu of interesting vegan options that i can’t wait to try. go check them out, support a family-owned business in weho, and thank them for being so vegan-friendly.

    EVO kitchen
    7950 W. Sunset Blvd. #104
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    Sun-Thur: 11am-10pm
    Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm

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  • Wait, Pizza Fusion closed or moved? PF’s website still lists a restaurant at the address of EVO.

  • I went here recently expecting to eat at Pizza Fusion, and was a little worried to see it had changed it’s name to EVO and reworked the menu. Thankfully, EVO is even better than Pizza Fusion and has way more vegan dishes. Loved our meal.

  • this place looks so dank. thanks for the post!

  • Aww, I don’t like thin crust.

    I tried the mango salad the last time I was there. It’s good, but it’s REALLY heavy on the arugula.

  • Went here today and it was awwwwwesoooome. I liked Pizza Fusion a lot, but I’m so happy to see more stuff I can eat on the menu.

  • Hmm, I looked at their website yesterday, and it appears that Pizza Fusion pulled out of California entirely.

  • I stopped by last night and the pizza plus the service was top notch!! A great find!

  • Looks great

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