• OG vegan pizza night with papa john’s

    October 6th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, papa john's

    the other evening, i was feeling a little timesick and craving papa john’s pizza. it used to be my absolute favorite as a kid—probably because every pie came with it’s own pot of ridiculously rich garlic sauce. it was only relatively recently that i discovered the original crust, tomato sauce, and even the garlic dipping sauce (how is that even possible?) are all vegan. even with so many other fake cheese pizza options available in LA, i had to succumb to a throw back papa john’s friday night in front of the television.

    papa john's cheeseless pizza with tomatoes and portobellos. around $10?

    choosing a pizza wasn’t hard, because the topping selection at pj’s is rather limited. i went with a couple old favorites: tomato and mushroom, minus the cheese, extra sauce. i had a coupon, so i think the pizza came to around ten dollars—not bad considering a vegan cheese pie in this town is usually in the thirty buck range…

    i’m not gonna lie: the pizza was just decent. the crust was a little dryer than i remember it being, and the toppings were a bit sparse. i don’t think i’d order it in LA again, but i’d definitely hit up papa john’s in a pinch where chain dining is my only option. the garlic sauce was just as crazy bad/good as i remember though, and i’m still scratching my head over the fact that it’s vegan.

    i may have been underwhelmed by the pizza, but i thought the breadsticks were awesome. i never ate these in my pre-gan days, and i was missing out! so crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, they were marvelous with the dipping sauce!

    i may not be eating a papa john’s pizza again in the near future, but i think i’ll be returning soon for some more bread sticks.

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