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    October 4th, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), portland

    the hungry tiger too in portland has to be one of my favorite places on earth. not only is it a bar with a pretty good craft beer selection, but it’s a full on restaurant as well with a separate vegan menu and the best biscuits and gravy known to man. why, oh why can’t we have somewhere like this in los angeles?

    we’ve been fans of hungry tiger too for a couple years now, and make it a point to eat there on every trip to portland. imagine how delighted we were on our recent visit, to learn from friends that the already giant menu had expanded to include even more vegan options! we headed over for what turned out to be one of the best brunches in recent memory. check it out:

    portobello scramble: fresh portobello mushrooms with tofu, garlic, spinach, mushrooms and nutrtional yeast. with hashbrowns and toast. $5.75

    we planned on ordering a ton of food, so the husband started off with a half order (yes, this is only a HALF order) of portobello scramble for just $5.75. the plate came stacked with more than enough food for one person—tons of tofu fried up with mushrooms, garlic, and spinach plus a side of breakfast potatoes and toast.

    good god, i can't believe this is the small size!

    it being our last day in portland and all, i went a little crazy with my order. i got a “small” portion of the new vegan chicken and waffles, a half order of the legendary biscuits and gravy, plus a lagunitas IPA for good measure.

    all my favorite things: biscuits & gravy, beer, ridiculous fried food, husband, hot sauce

    first off the chicken and waffles—oh my.

    "chicken" and waffles": seasoned chicken-fried tofu served on a delicious waffle. 2 pieces $8.50, or 4 pieces $10.50

    two breaded and seasoned slabs of tofu perched on a giant powdered sugar waffle, the perfect way to start the day. i’m not sure what hungry tiger does to their tofu, but this stuff was unbelievable. i’m thinking this tofu would make for a great fish replacement if HTT wanted to offer vegan fish and chips. it was crispy and salty on the outside, yet moist and tender in the center.

    last but not least, just like i can’t visit portland without eating at hungry tiger too, i can’t visit hungry tiger too without eating biscuits and gravy. these are by far the best biscuits and gravy i’ve ever tried, and they seem to get better and better every time i go back.

    homemade biscuit and gravy: huge serving of homestyle biscuits covered in thick mushroom and veggie sausage gravy. $4 ($6 for a double order)

    it’s not the gigantic and fluffy cake like biscuits that make these things awesome—it’s all about the white and chunky vegan sausage gravy. seriously, never give me this recipe, because i’d have to make it every day. there is a whole lot of vegan food in portland, and these biscuits are what i seem to miss/fantasize about the most, so definitely check them out if you’re ever in town.

    oh hungry tiger too, i miss you already.

    hungry tiger too
    207 SE 12th ave
    Portland, OR 97214
    Open M-F from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.
    Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.
    Sunday from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.

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  • i’ll be there in less than 2 weeks for the Animal Law Conference! Will definitely check this place out! Gotta try those biscuits & gravy!! oh MY!! Looks soooooo freakin’ good! 😀

  • Wow! When ever I order one of the scrambles it’s a lake of disgusting oil under the food. I’ve stopped bothering. How did you end up with one that looks soooo good?
    I still love HTT, though!

  • if you are ever in Costa Mesa, Avanti Cafe has the best vegan biscuits and gravy EVER (in my opinion)

  • This seems terrific

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