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    September 28th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants

    sandwiches!! we love them, i mean, who doesn’t?! today we’re bringing you our top ten list of vegan sandwiches from around town, in no particular order. enjoy. oh and just to be clear, these are only sandwiches that are actually available right now or regularly at restaurants or food trucks.

    the vegan reuben at locali. our favorite reuben in town, and something you need to try before you die…

    the vegan reuben: marinated tofu deli slices topped with melted vegan cheese and sauerkraut & smothered with delicious homemade vegan russian dressing! $10.50 full/$5.50 half

    the tofu banh mi from mandoline grill. the best sandwich on wheels, by far…

    Tofu Banh Mi: 12" French baguette topped with lemongrass marinated tofu, cucumber slices, pickled carrot and daikon, cilantro, jalapenos, vegenaise and scallion oil. $6

    the spicy soyrizo black bean wrap from mendocino farms (be sure to get the vegan tortilla!)…

    spicy soyrizo and black bean wrap: spicy vegan soy-chorizo with black beans, vegenaise, red onions, cilantro, fresh jalapenos, tomatoes and shredded romaine on a grilled honey wheat tortilla wrap (vegan tortilla available on request) $7.95

    the philly cheesesteak from m cafe. this is a seasonal special available right now, and it’s crazy good. go get it!…

    philly cheesesteak: thinly-sliced seitan, peppers, mushrooms, and onions then smothered melted “cheese sauce”. $9.95

    the pulled pork sandwich at doomie’s. this is the only sandwich i’ve ever seen that comes with vegan mac and cheese, plus fries! you know it makes sense. sorry the picture is so crappy…

    bbq pulled pork comes with mac and cheese, plus fries or fruit! $8.95

    the phillet no phish from madeleine bistro. maddy b’s is open on the weekends again! go get this sandwich at sunday brunch, it’s phenomenal…

    phillet no phish: panko-crusted seitan, cheese, tartar sauce, whole wheat bun. $12

    the vinh loi sub. like everything at vinh loi tofu, this sandwich is exceptional and CHEAP. all the subs there are worth trying…several times…

    vinh loi sub (chicken, beef and tofu) $6

    the not so french dip at tony’s darts away. this is a regular special at tony’s, and as far as i’m concerned, it’s their best menu item. they happened to have it on yesterday, so maybe we’ll be lucky again today…

    not so french dip: thinly sliced seitan on a bun with creamy sauce and vegan au jus.

    the vegan club at real food daily. this is our favorite club in LA!…

    the club triple decker: seitan tempeh bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, vegenaise, sour dough bread. served with tossed house or caesar salad. $13.75

    the follow your heart vegan reuben. this sandwich has a cult following, and we’re huge fans of it as well. be sure to order it with the cottage-style cheese…

    the reuben: thinly sliced wheatmeat, cottage-style tofu, sauerkraut, mustard and vegenaise on oversized rye bread, oven-baked. served with dill pickle and thousand island dressing. $10.75

    do you agree with our list? are we missing anything? let us know in the comments section.

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  • i was about to say where’s the reuben from Follow Your Heart & send you one of my pictures! But alas, I see you saved it for the end! It’s my husbands favorite!! 😀 The punjabi po’ boy at Tony’s Darts Away is also scrumptious!! And Native Foods makes some awesome sandwiches too! But you know what looks best to me on this list? That side of vegan mac & cheese!! I love love LOVE vegan mac & cheese!! SO good!

  • Mmmm…
    BLT sandwich at Cafe Grattitude is for sure meant to be on this list – sooooo tasty:
    I am extraordinary – Our BLT sandwich with sautéed maple coconut, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato and avocado. Served with chipotle aioli on toasted Panini bread. YUM!

  • OMG> We don’t even HAVE 10 vegan sandwiches in St. Louis!

  • That’s a damn fine list….if I were to pick a Maddy’s sammich, I’d go with the Bigger Mack or the Blackened Cajun one (if they still have it).

    Surprised a Native sammich didn’t make it. The Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger, Portabello Sausage, or Spicy Meatball are all excellent.

    Honorable mentions: Doomie’s burgers. I’m not too keen on veggie burgers when dining out, since I feel like it’s something I can make at home…but theirs are something special. I had “The Western” (bacon, onion rings, bbq sauce) yesterday.

    I gotta try that M Cafe cheesesteak…

  • the native foods burger is amazing, but there are intentionally no burgers on this list. hmm, maybe we need a burger list!

  • love this! i was compiling a “best vegetarian sandwiches in los angeles” list for my blog a while back but fell off the wagon:


    gotta get back on!

  • I love this list! And I love that there are ones that I’ve never had! Thanks!

  • The club at Flore is SOOOOOOO much better than RFD’s. SOOOOOOOOOO much better. Even the club at M Cafe is better than RFD’s. Did RFD pay you to say that??? LOL.

  • I agree – M Cafe club sandwich is phenomenal. I go there practically every week to get this sandwich, it’s so addicting!!

  • Can’t believe there are so many delicious vegan sandwiches in LA.

    And you didn’t even include my two favorites:
    the vegan from Figueroa Produce’s deli counter and the vegan at Shodorf’s Luncheonette.

    Mmm. Want one now.

  • Yummm wow, I can’t believe these vegan eats look so delicious! I have always been a nervous about vegan treats, but these sandwich could fool the biggest meat eater. I will have to try some in my area!

  • I would submit that the Green Peas vegan chicken piccata sandwich most definitely belongs.

  • The Locali Reuben is similar to the Chicago Diner’s Radical Reuben, and if you remember Vegetarian Times gave a recipe for that one in 2008.

    Here is their recipe:

    I agree the RFD Club is my favorite Club… I had one last night in Santa Monica. It seemed a bit smaller than it used to… sandwich deflation?

    I still need to get to Vinh Loi for a Banh Mi & Doomie’s to see if their pulled pork can knock the MCafe BBQ sandwich a notch down on my list.

    I’ll consider this post my new sandwich “to do/eat” list!

    Thanks QG & MM,
    Mr. W

  • Wow, Ill have to try the new Philly at M Cafe! Looks delicious:):)

  • How does the Follow Your Heart vegan reuben compare to the LOCALI vegan reuben? I didn’t think there could be a better reuben than Locali’s!

  • the badass breakfast sandwich from locali is also pretty legit!

  • the weird thing about the oklahoma bacon cheeseburger is there’s actually no burger or patty…just slices of seitan, right?

  • these are all great selections!

    i like the bali bliss with avocado at veggie grill.

  • The Grilled Grillin’ Chicken sandwich at Veggie Grill! It’s soooo good! Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, an amazing cilantro pesto and chipotle ranch… mmm.

  • GoSkinny,

    With just a quick happycow search I was able to find many more than 10 sandwiches in St. Louis.

    Some that looked good were:

    Sweetart Cafe’s Shaw, Cleveland, Philly, Magnolia and Banh Mi sandwiches.

    Black Bear Bakery/Cafe’s Tempeh Rueben and BBQ Tofu sandwiches.

    The Bleeding Deacon had 4 or 5, MoKaBes coffeehouse had a couple as well.

    Mr. W

  • Jane,

    What is the vegan sandwich at Shodorf’s? I looked at the menu and the vegetarian sandwich looked kind of basic. It says to ask about vegan options but doesn’t say what that includes.


  • OMG how could you leave off the tuna sandwich from Flore?? soooo good!!! their ruben is also amazing, but so is everything there!

  • No one is going to point out that the Wrap is not a sandwich! haha! Now what are you going to have for your best wraps? I know a lot of people don’t like it, but the RFD burger with the works is still my #1 fav. Great list!

  • Wow FANTASTIC list!!! I also like the vegan chicken philly sandwich from the Pizza Cookery and the one at Cruzer’s is pretty good too. All without bell peppers. I tried the one from M Cafe already and it’s yummy but I forgot to say no bell peppers and they put so many it made it hard to get them out. And if you do the burger list I like the Big Macro from M Cafe!

  • the vegan peaceful warrior at locali also deserves some attention i’ve seriously addicted 3 people to it b/c it’s so good and so passed over for their ruben… but if you get a ruben for there you can do a peaceful warrior to go b/c it’s cold so it keeps… ahhhh it’s sandwich crack… trust me i just bought 90 dollars worth of them yesterday

  • Alrighty, so I tried the Cheesesteak at M Cafe….it was just “OK”. Kinda bland, actually. Oh, how I wish they would bring back their Melrose Muffaletta – that would officially be VEGAN SANDWICH #1 on this list!!!

    BTW – wanna make the best vegan sandwich ever at home? Try this recipe:

    Vegan Italian Beef

    It’s CRAZY GOOD…a Chicago Italian Beef was the last sandwich I ate before I went vegetarian about 15 years ago – I’m surprised I didn’t go hunting for this recipe sooner…it’s CRAZY good. I’ve done some varations – I use Tofurky instead of seitan, and I’ve tried different peppers (those neon yellow sweet peppers work great) and mushroom broth instead of veg. broth. Anyway – it’s AMAZING.

  • vegan reuben at locali is best, 2nd reuben is flore, 3rd native foods IMO. Philly cheesesteak at m cafe was disgusting IMO and I threw it out. Doomies philly cheesesteak is heaven if you get it with the cheese sauce you have to ask for special (NOT daiya…yuck…just ask for the cheese sauce that looks like velveeta or nacho sauce). And the meatball sub from native foods most def should be on the list as one of the best vegan sandwiches of all time. orgasmatron.

  • OH, btw, I’ve eaten at shojin and m cafe in the same week because of you quarry girl. Lady, you’re gonna make me fat. but I’ll die happy

  • #1 Reuben – FOLLOW YOUR HEART, forevaaah!!! 🙂

  • what about the taste of life breakfast sandwich??

  • doh! that should definitely be on here!!!!

  • Was this made after Pure Luck closed? If not, Todd’s BBQ sandwich should definitely be on there.

  • Must try that Doomie one and also the Phillet No Phish, they look so so good.

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