• new vegan cheese and pure awesome at doomie’s

    September 20th, 2011quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    if you want hearty vegan comfort food, there’s absolutely no better place in LA to get it than doomie’s home cookin in hollywood. the all vegetarian (and mostly vegan) restaurant recently reopened, and i swung by last week with the team from clara’s cakes to check them out. good god, it was all fantastic—after a plate of nachos, 2 burgers, a pulled pork sandwich, a ham & cheese croissant, and a massive brownie, we could barely walk.

    doomie himself was in the kitchen and was delighted to tell us that he was working on a new vegan cheese—one that stretches, melts, and tastes like the real thing. he’s already using it in the croissants, and offered to let us test it out on our burgers. hell yes.

    let me work backwards though, and start off by telling you about the croissant…

    vegan ham and cheese croissant $4

    the vegan croissants at doomie’s are gigantic—definitely big enough to be an entire meal—and they’re stuffed full of homemade vegan cheese and sliced soy ham. i used to love real ham and cheese croissants when i was a kid (gross, i know), and these really took me back to my childhood donut shop days. absolutely amazing. the flaky pastry shell was so “buttery” and realistic. and the cheese inside is eerily close to the real thing.

    vegan croissant the size of your head

    even if you eat yourself silly at doomie’s like i did, grab a croissant to go. they heat right up in the oven and taste as good as new.

    the new vegan cheese was just as insane on doomie’s already delicious burgers. check out how real this stuff looks…

    it was all bubbly and burned just like real cheddar! supposedly this stuff takes a bit of work in the kitchen to get it just right, so doomie’s isn’t ready to roll it out across the menu yet…but totally suck up to the staff and maybe they will let you try some. doomie, if you are reading this, you are a genius.

    as for the rest of our food, it was ridiculously good in the way that only doomie’s home cookin’ can be. huge portions, lots of flavor, and the closest thing to “real” comfort food i’ve tasted since becoming vegan. i only have cell phone shots of our dinner (i was dining for pleasure, not business) that night, but check ’em out any way. for some gorgeous and representative pix taken by a real photographer, check out doomie’s facebook gallery.

    here we have the vegan cheeseburger with fries…

    the vegan pulled pork sandwich with fries (it comes with mac and cheese plus a choice of side—gluttony!)…

    and the vegan nachos…

    GOOD GOD, PEOPLE! i hadn’t tried the vegan nachos at doomie’s before, and it’s a shame because they’re the best in town. crispy homeade chips covered in meat, beans, and cheese sauce with salsa and olives. there were 3 of us and we were all fighting over the last chip.

    we grabbed a brownie on the way out…

    as well as a croissant…

    …and the rest is history. one of the best meals i’ve had in a while. fuck yeah, doomie’s! go eat there and tell them you’re happy they’re back.

    doomie’s home cookin’
    1253 n. vine street #9
    hollywood, ca 90038
    (714) 883-7657
    open tuesday – sunday: noon – 10pm

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  • my head just exploded thanks to that ham and cheese croissant. GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!!!!

  • Gauri Radhika गौरी राधिका

    ^ Seriously!! Omg it all looks so good.
    I’m going to be ordering that vegan sandwich w/ the macaroni and cheese side when I go over there, and that new croissant, and one of those brownies too. And whatever else happens to look delicious and enticing when I walk in haha:D

  • I happened to go to Doomie’s this past week for the first time and I just happened to run into Quarrygirl and Clara! After dinner I got one of those brownies to take home and it took me about two days to eat the whole thing, they’re so big. It was so rich and filled with chocolate chips I started calling it the monster brownie.

  • i just had my first meal at doomies saturday and even though i ordered tons(including nachos OMG) and dessert, after this post i feel like i need to go back already to try more delicious food! they have brownies?! whaaat?!

  • Looks amazingly delicious, I hate driving from the westside all the way there, but I think I will just for ham & cheese croissant.

  • glad they’re open again! i’ll have to hop on by

  • The croissant looks fantastic! Do they ever have chocolate-filled ones?

  • looks good. Is this place organic?

  • Organic? Definitely not

  • Yeah, doomies is a good “omg I’m PMSing give me burgers now” place, but quality is questionable at best. High fructose corn syrup out the AZZZZZ

  • I just got back from Doomie’s, and reading this page is painful in all the best ways.

  • Doomies tip… 1. order fried avacados with the nachos then cut them up and combine… AMAZING
    2. keep a take out menu in your car so when you’re whizzing by on the way home you can call when you leave work to put in your take out order….#fatty

  • I just took a friend who was visiting to Doomie’s on Friday, and we liked it so much we came back on Sunday before he went home. The Western Burgers were amazing, and the nachos were delicious.

    I like that they bread some of their stuff with panko (also had the chicken fingers and country fried steak). I freaking love panko. I wish everything in the world was breaded with panko. Lol, maybe not, but still, Doomie’s does a good job of it ;). I’m excited to go back again. I have to try those croissants!

  • Haven’t been to Doomies yet…planning a trip very soon. Does anyone know if their burger patties are homemade? Or Gardein or Match? Everything looks amazing! I want to try it all!!!

  • Melissa, I’m not positive, but I think Doomie makes everything himself, including the meat substitutes.

    I just got back from dinner there – I literally could not choose (too hungry after not eating since 10am this morning), so I closed my eyes and pointed. It served me well, as I ended up with the BLT. I am such a BLT groupie. Yum!

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